Brown's Towne Lounge

How many different definitions of "pub grub" are there?  And what determines whether it's an amazing rack of lamb served on a fine, white tablecloth, or a good burger on a wood table top?  The regional leanings of the kitchen?  How big the city in which the pub resides?  In which part of the U.S. you happen to live?  Before a visit to an Irish pub in Virginia, I assumed that McMenamin's was the standard of all "pub grub".  I had no idea a diner could easily drop $160 on a meal for 4 at a pub.

Brown's Towne Lounge, stays true to the McMenamin's standard.  I appreciate the Ninkasi beer on tap, their events, local involvement, live music, and the "pub grub".  The interior offers an open feeling with a nice sidewalk view from the tables, and a large-screen television over the bar.  In addition, they have some great happy hour deals.

N and I sat back and enjoyed the lively chatter of friends getting together, while we sipped our Ninkasi Believer Double Red and shared an order of mac & cheese and a chef salad.  Sometimes it's all about the fine, white tablecloth and sometimes it's not.

189 Liberty St.
NE Salem, OR 


Anonymous said...

KandN, Is there a reason why you aren't telling us about the food??

KandN said...

To be honest, I didn't want to spend an entire post tearing our eats apart, so I went with another angle.
The 2 times I've eaten at BTL I come away feeling the cook's desire to create some good food, but they either lack the education or ingredients (or both) to hit the mark. The mac and cheese we ordered did have some good flavors going on, but the ratio of flour to fat in the roux was off--creating a moat of grease around our serving. The chef salad was served with the dressing on the side (which I always appreciate), with fresh leaf lettuce (not iceberg), but the yolk of the eggs had the tell tale greenish tinge of having been over boiled and the cheese and meat looked like slices of lunch meat cut into strips. Next time we'll stick to a sandwich or burger.

Chuck Bradley said...

This This place has been on my wish list for awhile. Last week circumstances made it convenient for me to try it. This cozy pub is snuggled comfortably in the historic Reed Opera House. My server had no visible tattoos, no hardware in her tongue, lips, nose or eyebrows. How refreshing!! She enthusiastically recommended their special; roast beef sliders with cheddar cheese and horseradish and a cup of bacon-cheddar cheese-potato soup. The diminutive sandwiches were very good. A slice of tomato would have been a welcome enhancement though, I thought. The soup was wonderfully rich, creamy and full of flavor. Good food. Good service. Pleasant atmosphere. It gets thumbs up from me.

KandN said...

Chuck, Thanks for sharing and joining the conversation!

Chuck Bradley said...


I'm enjoying this site. It's a bit more interactive than urbanspoon.

KandN said...

Chuck, I enjoy reading about other's experiences, because that's what we really talk about here. If you ever want to add your "voice" to the site via posts with pics, please let us know!