Eat Salem Readers Choose Roth's

It's always interesting to see where the readers of this blog shop for groceries. In our latest online poll, locally owned Roth's took in more votes then any other store in town. No surprises actually, the results were eerily similar the last time this audience was polled in 2007. On a recent visit to the Sunnyslope Roth's, I met up with owner Orville Roth while waiting to have some turkey sliced. I should have complained about something but instead I told him how much I enjoyed shopping at his store. There's not a whole lot to complain about in the store but I wish that I would have asked him about the nasty rumor that there's some kind of deal to keep Trader Joe's out of Salem. I wonder if he knows whether or not that is true. Our conversation was brief. He moved about the store in his green apron shaking hands with customers and inspecting produce. It really is a great store. The Sunnslope market has a whirlpool wine cooler in the back that can chill a bottle of chardonnay in the amount of time it takes to pick out a cart of groceries. They also have a terrific selection of locally grown produce and employ courteous young people to check your purchases and carry your bags to the car.(Not that I ever take them up on that)

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