Eat Salem Day at Word of Mouth Wednesday March 3rd

You voted it #1 restaurant in Salem! Now come and celebrate Word of Mouth winning the Restaurant of the Year award for 2009.
I Just thought I would post some pictures of some of their delicious food.
Go into the restaurant anytime Wednesday and tell Steve and Becky congratulations and thank you for having such a great restaurant.
The crew will be dining in the morning, around 7:15am because we have to get in there before heading to our real jobs.
If you'd like to join us that early, send us an email at and we will keep an unofficial head count.
If you do not want to join us but still want to get a fantastic meal, there's nothing stopping you.

We'll see you there!


Anonymous said...

Word of Mouth is great, but to be truly great for the kind of restaurant it is, they need to be making home made fries instead of using frozen ones like the ones in your picture. Have fun.

Anonymous said...

Their heavenly hash is fantastic and so are their veggie burgers. I love the place!

Joe (and Win) Lombardi said...

Word of Mouth Bistro deserves the accolade "Restaurant of the Year." Steve and Becky Mucha have developed a fantastic menu - breakfast, lunch and dinner. The weekday breakfast specials are incredible. The soups (clam chowder, Hungarian mushroom, chicken marsala, steak and mushroom - to name a few) are the best- along with their salads and sandwiches. They have a couple of great chefs who prepare the most tasty dinners, and they have the best team of food servers that were ever assembled. Kudos, Muchas! You deserve the honor!