Annette's Westgate Cafe

Live music in an attractive, local venue for Wednesday date night?  Can't get much better than that!  I have to admit, it's the main reason Annette's Westgate Cafe was our choice this week.  Well that and hearing we should  try one of their burgers.

We arrived about a quarter past 7 PM.  The guitar music greeting us at the door along with our hostess.  Our request to sit at a table along the back wall, so we could talk and enjoy the music, was granted.  N and I ordered a Fat Tire and a Black Butte Porter and focused on the short task of burger choosing.  He picked the Do Wa Diddy Burger and I went with the Western, both with fries.  While checking out the menu, we noticed they have a salad bar.  You don't see those too often anymore.

Both of us enjoyed our burgers and crisp hot fries.  The barbecue sauce on my Western was sweet, tangy and a teensy bit spicy.   A house made patty would've made the burgers even better, as the rest of the ingredients were well put thought out and put together.

I like that the owners continue to keep the space up to date in Annette's.  The furniture is fairly new, everything feels warm, welcoming, clean and neat and the local photographs and posters add a personalized touch.  Plus, every time N and I have dined there the service has been just right.  West Salem is lucky to have Annette's.  Where else can you enjoy a meal in a family eating establishment with live music on a Wednesday night?

1311 Edgewater St. NW
Salem, Oregon 97304

Monday - Thursday 6 am-9 pm
Friday & Saturday 6 am-10 pm
Sunday 7 am-2 pm


Looking for good food said...

Annette's has never disappointed us.

auragoneboy said...

I've been disappointed at Annette's during the last two visits. For a dinner a month ago our steaks were overcooked. Didn't make a big deal out of it; it was a busy night. However, I left a comment card which included my address, but never heard back from the manager. Then yesterday our waitress was below par; she forgot to give me a choice of potatoes and she forgot our toast side and my juice (for which she upsold me to a large - at 3.99 although the menu only mentions one price - 2.99.) Had to ask another server for both of them because our's was busy chatting with her friends at another table. I hope management can get a handle on this deterioration of service and cooking. As I said, I am disappointed.