Spoons Gourmet Deli

NW Spoons Bistro is now closed
Who knew that Spoons Gourmet Deli is open for dinner Wednesday through Friday until 9 PM?
I've heard many a south Salem resident wish for more neighborhood dining options.  Y'all can add this spot to the list.

I won't lie, we were disappointed not to be able to order off their dinner menu.  This was due to their recent loss of a chef and new hire of 2 new ones--one from Bentley's with 7 years of cooking experience.

The lunch menu is good, though not what we were prepared for.  (Remember K, there will be other date nights!)  My choice from the menu?   A glass of a California Cabernet to sip, a bowl of their tomato gorgonzola soup to start and the quiche of the day complete with a small green salad & viniagrette.  N ordered a Deschutes Brewery Fat Tire and started with a cup of split pea soup with ham.  He liked the sound of the special--a steak melt with grilled onions and mushrooms on a baguette.

I consider tomato soup a comfort food.  It makes me think of being a pampered child with a hot lunch on a snowy day.  This particular bowl of tomato soup was just as uncomplicated as the ones from my childhood.  The addition of herbs and Gorgonzola cheese went well with the cozy comfort of the warm tomato base.  The spinach and black forest ham quiche was delicate in both flavor and texture.

N was wishing his split pea soup had that "simmered all day" quality.  He said it was good, but felt the flavors hadn't had a chance to really meld together.  He had several ideas on how to make his sandwich more satisfying; more meat, a cheese that could stand up to the steak flavor and a sturdier choice of bread.  I was surprised to hear him say that the baguette had an overly spongy white bread quality.  To her credit, our hostess did come over and ask his opinion and suggestions.  He appreciated the opportunity.

We decided to let the dessert menu tempt us into a splurge.  The buttery lemon raspberry tart jumped out at me.  I do love a good lemony dessert.  N picked the peanut butter parfait.  Mine was rich, sweet and lemony, but N's?  His was the closest we've tasted to our all time favorite dessert--the chocolate peanut butter pie at Munchies in Glide and Ashland.  Fork licking good!!

Now that we know Spoons is open for dinner three nights a week, you can bet we'll head back to see what the new chefs cook up.

Hours: Mon, Tues, Sat 11:00AM to 3:00PM
Wed - Fri 11:00AM to 9:00PM
4093 Commercial St S, Salem, Oregon

(503) 581-7554


Anonymous said...

Just a note...Deschutes Brewery does not make Fat Tire. It's made by New Belgium Brewing Co.

Salem Man said...

Who knew N was such an expert on bread.

KandN said...

Oh Geez Louise! Can't believe I made that mistake about the beer! Thanks for catching it!
Let's just say, N knows what he likes--maybe not the way it's supposed to be. :>)

Anonymous said...

We ate there a couple of years ago, and they shared that many (all?) of their desserts are not even close to home made. That was really disappointing. I wonder how much of their food isn't home made?

Anonymous said...

When I was there several years ago, I was disappointed that I couldn't get a turkey sandwich that wasn't smoked. I don't like smoked meats and couldn't eally find anthing on the menu that appealed to me. If things have changed, please let me know. I would love to try again.

KandN said...

Anonymous, here's what their menu (click on the highlighted link in original post) shows for their current turkey sandwich:
"TURKEY AND CRANBERRY--all natural turkey breast, cream cheese, cranberry sauce and lettuce on toasted ciabatta"

Anonymous said...

What I love about their dinner menu/hours:

-The artichoke dip is the best in town.

-The pasta portions are outrageously huge.

-The service is perfect.

-The ice tea is home brewed.

-The special with two salads, entrees and desserts is a good value.

-The desserts are always good.

What I don't like:

-I tried the tortellini last time. It tasted like Costco dried pasta. Yuck. I have not been back since, and I have had dinner here at least six times in the past six months.

-The main courses have just the entree. No vegetables to cut some of the richness of the sauces.

-The menu is the same week to week. No changes. No nightly specials.

Anonymous said...

I was in this week and last week and had a Moraccan style beef stew over cous cous - it was to die for! This week their evening specials were Rosemary chicken with pappadelle noodles in a rich carbonara sauce, my husband had it and left a happy man. I tried their pork medallions in a port wine reduction over creamy polenta...it was all divine, including the delicious peanut butter mouse parfait we shared. We will definitely be back soon!

Anonymous said...

Last night was our first dinner at Spoons and we were very impressed. The service was smooth and attentive. The food was very yummy. My date had the grilled pizza which was amazing with pears, pesto, and little pieces of bacon. I had the pulled pork with blackberry bbq sauce. I requested more sauce, but otherwise it was a refreshing change from other pulled pork sandwiches. The bread was fresh and the hummus and pita starter was very good. Gilgamesh is on tap and ea. glass was only $3. We will return soon. Much more than what the name 'Gourmet Deli' implies.

Spoons NW Bistro said...

We are thankful for both the positive feedback and constructive criticism about our restaurant. Our hope is to address the past and recent comments that have been posted. For the most recent comment, thank you! We are so happy that you had such a positive experience. We strive to make positive changes and build upon the quality and variety of foods that we serve.

We are back to offering weekly specials and plan to continue on this course. We email our specials to those that have signed up for our newsletter and post them on our Chef’s board in the restaurant. A while back we added side vegetables were added to our protein dishes (salmon, steak and chicken) and all entrĂ©es include a soup or salad.

As for the question concerning how much if any of our stuff is homemade…our deli salads, salads, sauces and dressings are all made in house. Although our pastas are not made at the restaurant, they do come from a wonderful and very reputable Portland based company that makes all of their pasta from scratch. Our apologies to the person that had the bad experience with the tortellini. On one occasion we had missed our order with our regular noodle purveyor and a decision (by our cook at the time) was made to purchase the tortellini through a different supplier for that night. In hindsight it was obviously a poor decision, but most definitely an isolated incident. As a small business we have not been able to obtain a full-time pastry chef and for this reason have ordered our desserts from outside sources. Within the last couple of months we have partnered up with a local baker and she is currently providing us with 2 types of wonderful cakes. We have also recently hired an additional chef that has a great deal of experience and is planning to offer a couple of delicious in-house desserts. Delectable details coming soon!!

Ps. For the comment about the smoked meats, I am wondering if we were possibly mistaken for another restaurant?? We haven’t had sandwiches with smoked meats on our menu. The turkey that we offer is an oven roasted turkey breast, our ham is a honey roasted ham, our Grilled Chicken and Chipotle Chicken sandwiches are made with chicken breast that we grill in house. The only smoked thing that I can think of was just recently added and that is the hickory smoked bacon for our Grilled Salmon B.L.T. (it’s quite tasty too )

Chuck Bradley said...

On our third attempt, we finally got to lunch here. After being turned away on Mother's day, and being too early for their opening time, success was ours. (May 2010) The place is a little trendy for my tastes, but I try not to be a reverse snob. I had Turkey and Brie Panini sandwich ($7.00). my wife had their Northwest Crush($9.00). Both were good. My wife noticed that the counter server neglected to charge us for her coffee, I brought it to her attention. Rather than drag my credit card back out, I paid cash and was delighted to be charged only $1.50. It's pretty hard to find a sub-$2 cup of good coffee these days.