Neufeldt's in Aumsville

You're absolutely right, it's not necessary to leave Salem's city limits to find a satisfying and delicious breakfast.  But lately N and I have felt the old desire to go for weekend drives around the local rural roads.  True, it's not a good use of fossil fuels, but we find it therapeutic.

On Saturday, we found ourselves in Aumsville at breakfast time.  We pulled into Neufeldt's restaurant to see what this hometown favorite has to offer.  The restaurant is a nice size for the size of the town, not too big and not too small, and the tables aren't too close together.  The building was bright and clean when we walked in.  Love the big windows letting the sunshine in!

And speaking of sunshine, the smiling waitress greeted us and invited us to choose a table.  As we entered the building I noticed a mushroom, ham and cheese omelet on the specials board.  Sounded good to me!  I chose their hashbrowns and biscuit for my included sides. N opted for a scramble with ham and hashbrowns and sourdough toast.  After years of being disappointed in restaurants serving standard sandwich type toast, I've decided to start exploring other house made options when available.  Unless, of course, I know they serve good bread.

When our plates were delivered, they sported an ample portion of tender, fall apart, light golden fried potatoes.  The exterior of my omelet appeared to have been left on the heat a little long, but when I cut into it the eggs were still tender.  My favorite part of the omelet was that it was made in the traditional way--not cooked on both sides.  Even though I suspect the cheese was American, the ham was flavorful and the mushrooms tasted fresh.  Oh and the biscuit?  So fresh and tender!  Good thing there weren't more!  I would've made short work of them!  N enjoyed his scramble, but wished he'd asked for cheese as his eggs were on the dry side.

If you like great service, good simple food and enjoy a small town diner atmosphere, take a drive out to Aumsville and check out Neufeldt's.

Neufeldt's on Facebook
190 Main Street
Aumsville, OR 97325
(503) 749-4095


Anonymous said...

Didn't they used to have a location on S Commercial by the Fred Meyer, I remember eating there about 20 years ago.

KandN said...

I remember a Carrows on S Commercial, but not a Neufeldt's. Anyone else remember?

Jary Neufeldt said...

Thank You for coming in!

A friend told me about the review.
I am grateful!

We started on commercial street 1987... It is the half penny now.
We sold in 1995 and moved to Aumsville and have been there for 15 years.

We are very simple old fashion Restaurant
I think that is how we have endured through the years.

Thank You again.

Jary Neufeldt

KandN said...

Jary, Glad you found us!
Simple and old fashioned are good--especially when that includes a welcoming atmosphere like yours.

Chuck Bradley said...

I can't tell you how many times I enjoyed the fare at Neufeldt's both on South Commercial (in days of yore.) and in Aumsville. This is the kind of place your Mom and Dad took you when you were a child. Nothing fancy or frilly. Just over the top good!

Mike S said...

Chicken fried steak dinner is very good and all dinners are enough for two average adult meals IMHO. Kids enjoyed getting ice cream as part of their meals.

Anonymous said...

Went here for lunch last week .. in our party a chicken salad sandwich with soup, a roast beef sandwich with green salad, a ham rueben sandwich with curly fries and a burger with steak fries was ordered. Nothing special at all with the food; like eating cafeteria food ... EXCEPT the curly fries!!! If you love crispy fries order them for your side - Yum!