Nate Rafn Honored By 1000 Friends of Oregon

Living Culture star Nate Rafn has been selected by 1000 Friends of Oregon as one of the states 35 Innovators Under 35. The list, put together by the environmental group, includes entrepreneurs, legislators, scholars and activists that are under the age of 35. To see the rest of the list click here. If you've seen his work on the TV show or read his column in Salem Monthly, you already know that Nate is a talented individual. He was doing "local" long before the rest of us. Putting together a TV show, like he does every month, is not easy. It requires a lot of inspiration, dedication and perspiration. It's really great to see him honored for his efforts. To me, the thing that stands out most about Nate is that he is an extremely kind person. With all of his skills and vision as a media talent, he maintains a modest disposition that sets him apart from the crowd. There is more that I would like to say about Nate but I'm going to save it for when he wins an Emmy. Congrats Nate.

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KandN said...

Congratulations, Nate!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Nate. A more laid back, genuine person than Nate you will rarely come across. His passion is the process. Whether it's sustainable farming, the use of local ingredients or the folks who turn them into the best eats they can produce. He is interested in why people do things the hard way,and why the end result is so much more satisfying to the people who think it's important. In this era of instant,mass produced,"the bottom line is the holy grail", "Living Culture " slows it all down and lets us see the treasures our area have to offer.I've learned alot from this program .Nate not only gets it, he lives it himself. Good work! I look forward to seeing where the journey takes you.