McGrath's to Restructure Debt

Update 2/5/10: This is making news all over. Statesman Journal, Columbian.

The fish house chain with two stores in Salem, eight in Oregon and twenty stores overall has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. According to an article in Nations Restaurant News, the company "had too much debt and a number of under-performing stores in far-flung markets." A lot of debt, read about it here in the Portland Business Journal.  McGrath's Fish House was opened in 1980 in downtown Salem and has since expanded to as far away as Colorado.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Too bad, John McGrath is one of the smartest restaurant guys I have ever known. I really thought he would survive where others failed. I wish him and his employees only the best of luck.

Rob Melton

Anonymous said...

These types of stories are completely irrelevent to dining in Salem.

Have you ate there?

Do you like it?

Is it a good value?

Would you go back?

The gossipy stuff might be entertaining, but does it really serve any purpose?

By the way, my grandmother loves this place. I never really want to go (I prefer more unique spots), but hell she is late 80's, so I figure she gets to choose when we have big family nights out. And I have to say that I really think the seafood is good. The service is good. The atomosphere is average. Overall when it is my turn to pick up the tab for 10 people I always feel it was a good experience and a good value.

Now isn't that more useful information than salaicious headlines?

Anonymous said...

Well... it isn't gossip or "salaicious headlines" (sic). It's just the facts, sad though they made be. There are reviews of eating at McGrath's restaurants here on this blog if you'd like to read them; several I believe.

Anonymous said...

McGrath's gave me crabs!!!! (true story)

Anonymous said...

Since moving to Salem/Keizer 3 years ago, we have tried the place 3 times, and have left disappointed all 3 times. The first time just to try it, the second to see if we were missing something or ordered the wrong thing, and the third to see if the other location was different. All 3 times we left feeling that we paid way too much for what was delivered.

It's sad this happens to a local company (I didn't even know it was a local company before this article). I hope they get things turned around to get out of bankruptcy.

Through all of this recession stuff, I still have yet to see a person or company not wind up on their feet if they know what quality is and how to do quality work.

KandN said...

Anonymous (3 years in Salem), We've always appreciated the consistency in service at McGrath's. I have a favorite entree (Halibut Parmesan) that I order most times we visit. Although, since we've discovered, instead of eating at the same 3 places over and over, we now have somewhere around 10 favorites.

Anonymous said...

Seems like gossip. Who the heck cares if they are restructuring their debt. Is this the business section or a dining review website?

It is ok. Pretty chain like. Decent food, nothing to write home about.

Anonymous said...

Waaaaaay too overpriced. We've been there twice and the price compared to what you get is not worth it. I have no problem paying more if the food is outstanding. The food was decent but not exceptional. The portions of fish were almost nonexistent.

Anonymous said...

We love Calamari! .. rings in particular .. and always in search for a restaurant that can cook it perfectly, which is so easy to ruin.
Today McGrath's downtown fulfilled our desire. It was very lightly seasoned and so gently fried to perfection. We ordered two lunch dishes @ 8.99 which included two sides and way more calamari than we could eat but gladly took home!
Btw we love their garden salad but also ordered their coleslaw .. it was so different, slightly sweet but not over powering ... couldn't quite put our finger on the ingredient that set it off .. until our waitress filled us in .. a touch of pineapple juice .. so good!

wish I had taken pictures.