David Rosales To Open Tapas Bar

Update:  Here's a bit more information from David Rosales and here's a link to a dining experience-

"This is a father-son partnership between my father, Pedro from La Margarita, and myself.
Our chef at La Capitale since inception, Ricardo Antunez, will be involved as well. He is very talented and experienced with Spanish food as he was the chef of La Ramblas in McMinnville a few years ago. Rob Melton, our Bar manager and Mark Iselin, our wine director will oversee the beverage program. Overall, a team effort.

Our goal is to offer an authentic, yet affordable, accessible and casual experience. A place where people can gather after work and into the evening. No reservations will be taken, the menu will be hand written on a chalkboard. We will encourage people to share our small Spanish plates, carafes of wine and sangria, both red and white. A few examples of menu items are: Griddled shrimp with chilies, potatoes bravas with aioli and salsa brava, warm empanandas, cumin fried chicken with smokey paprika, Spanish cheeses and sliced hams, classic flan, cinnamon churros with warm chocolate. There will be much more selection than what I've listed. We will be testing recipes in the coming weeks and will have the menu a bit more flushed out by then.

Opening end of March or beginning of April, depending on permits, etc.. Location will be at 130 High St., next to La Capitale, in the current location of our private dining room."

If you heard the rumor, it's been confirmed by David Rosales himself on Twitter. The owner and chef at La Capitale is planning on opening a Spanish tapas and wine bar around the end of March, early April. The new restaurant will be next door to La Capitale according to his tweets. Here's what he's been saying.

"Opening small Spanish tapas & wine bar next door to La Cap.Small+inexpensive bites,wines by glass/carafe,sangria & draft beers a'flowin."

"Griddled shrimp w chilies, potatoes bravas w aioli & salsa brava, warm empanadas, Span cheeses & hams, flan, cinnamon churros w chocolate."

"End of March, beg of April if all goes well. Depends mainly on OLCC."

 "Did I mentions SANGRIA? Lots and lots of sangria. Both red and white."

"Thanks for the positive response y'all. Hopefully in time it will become a Salem favorite. Stay tuned for a private tweet-up tasting."

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smc said...

How exciting, can't wait!

Vegan's Nightmare said...

This is awesome. I can't count how many times my wife and I have wished there was a Tapas bar in Salem!

David will received the Honored Medal of Bacon for this.

Salem Man said...

VN, Who would be some of the past recipients of the Medal of Bacon award? Didn't Barack Obama win that recently?

Anonymous said...

Thanking the good Lord for David Rosales. So grateful he's willing to put up with Salem to bring us what we've been needing for years and years! We are so lucky to have La Cap and I can't wait to try the Tapas bar. SO EXCITING.

Vegan's Nightmare said...

Salem Man, It would be unwise to mock the Honored Medal of Bacon, as doing so may forever ban you from candidacy for this very prestigious award.

Anonymous said...

David, I'm excited about the new digs! Can't wait to be a regular there!