Breakfast at White's Restaurant

White's Restaurant is within walking distance to my south central home and my family and I often walk over for a weekend breakfast. 

It's close. It has some of our favorites. The waitresses know who we are. Can you say DINER?

I don't want to sound like we go there every week. We don't. This last weekend we went in for a carbohydrate load for my son who was heading off to the Salem JV Swimming Finals. We arrived early, around 7:45 to find the restaurant still somewhat deserted. We were greeted with the standard friendly smile and sat ourselves at a booth along the wall. The waitress commented that she hadn't seen us in a while and confirmed that coffee was the morning beverage of choice for Joe and I. With beverages en route, we took a look at the menu although there was really no need. We know what we like. 

Joe and I split Don's Mess, we order it crispy with the gravy on the side. It is a mess of hash browns fried up with bits of sausage, ham, bacon, mushrooms, green peppers, onion and tomato all mixed together. It comes topped with two eggs and sausage gravy. We order our eggs poached and as I mentioned, we order the gravy on the side.  

I love the Mess. It is huge. Even with both of us splitting the full order, we still ended up taking about half home for a late snack. (I didn't see any of that snack.)

J, the 16 year old, ordered the biscuits and gravy. It comes with eggs, J order scrambled and they were served on top. J loves biscuits and gravy and it was the perfect early morning breakfast for a full blown carbo load. 

J noted that it was good, between mouthfuls. I asked him how the biscuits compared to another breakfast place he and I had visited in the last month. He noted the other place got the nod for better biscuits, but this was still tasty. 

G, the 13 year old, ordered chicken fried steak. He didn't mind that it was a little different than the chicken fried steak I make at home, as this was chopped sirloin rather than round steak. The meal came with two eggs, hashbrowns and toast. G also snuck in a side of bacon, which we made him share. The bacon was wonderful, juicy yet firm.

White's has 11 booths, bar seating and various tables in the center of the room. In recent years, it has gone through a number of minor remodels, configuring and reconfiguring the small space. The decor has remained the same for as long as I can recall. There's a country kitchen theme and nostalgic adverts and decor lining the walls. There is the familiar, friendly wait staff who are ever attentive and the clang and bang of pots and pans from the kitchen.

The coffee is old school with free refills and little individual creamers. 

If you're looking for something simple, basic and good head to White's on a weekend morning for breakfast. No matter who you are everyone fits in. 

White's Restaurant
1138 Commercial Street Southeast
Salem, OR 97302-4202
(503) 363-0297


Anonymous said...

I am a minority, can I eat here?

Anonymous said...

Gino: Why would you allow a post like that?

Melina Tomson, MS said...

You know I haven't tried it yet. Anytime it's time to go out for breakfast the kids have wanted to go other places.