Best Little Roadhouse for Happy Hour

Happy Hour time--this week's destination?  Best Little Roadhouse.  I've never been a regular, but they must know how to appeal to their customer base.  Every evening I drive by, the parking lot is jam packed.  Thankfully, Jennie and Erica arrived early.  At the popular Best Little Roadhouse in south Salem, tables and booths in the bar are few and they don't serve off the happy hour menu in the dining area.
Soon all 4 of us were settled in around the booth.  It was quite awhile before someone came over to take our orders.  Rebekah decided on a glass of the house red, Erica - Blue Moon, Jennie and I both ordered the seasonal Cinder Cone Red from Deschutes Brewery. (sigh) One sip of my beer in the ice cold mug and suddenly I was thinking of summer.
BLRH has a nice selection of some standard and some signature bar fare:  potato skins, quesadillas, ribs, Tennessee Rolls, nachos, etc.  When our food arrived, our table top was filled with yummy baskets of food.  My loaded potato skins were more than I could eat--even after sharing a few.  Rebekah and Jennie both chose 4 of the tender "buck a bone" ribs, one basket with watermelon sauce and the other hickory.   Two people ordered a basket of the fried Tennessee Rolls, filled with a combination of cheeses and jalapeños.  One of the servers commented on the popularity of the Tennessee Rolls.  Someone at our table seconded that vote.
Once we all were served drinks, our table was well tended.  The service was friendly and the waitress eventually fixed one of our orders when the wrong beer was delivered.  After spending a relaxing happy hour chatting, we made our way out to the parking lot through the line waiting to be seated and returned to our responsibilities waiting at home. TGFHH!

Sun-Thurs 11 am-11 pm
Fri-Sat 11 am-12 am
1145 Commercial Street S.E.
Salem, OR 97302
Tel. 503.365.7225


Rebekah said...

I also love the fact that they have $4 martinis all day on Thursday!

Anonymous said...

The best course of action is to stay away from Portand. Then, on a relative basis, dull places like this seem good.

We spent a three day weekend in Portland last week. Ate at the Sauce Box. Montage. Isabels. Alexis. A random Indian restaurant off SE Hawthorne. Cafe Mingo. Dragonfish.

Eat at places like that and the Road House is glorified Dennys/Red Robin. Get rid of the attractive girls and it is more like a sit down cafeteria.

There are a lot of people in Salem. Why can't we get some really good restaurants?

Anonymous said...

With Portland's metro population of 2,207,462 compared to Salem's metro population of 383,100, there's no possible way for Salem to compete with the variety and number of restaurants Portland has. A good example of what Salem deals with every day--the amount of money your family pumped into Portland's economy over that 3 day weekend.

Anonymous said...

Yikes. the Montage is not a good restaurant.

And Salem will never be like Portland. We gotta make do with what we've got. I personally don't care for BLR that much either, so I just don't go. We have a handful of really great places in town that I prefer. Places that really rival what portland offers.

Anonymous said...

"A good example of what Salem deals with every day--the amount of money your family pumped into Portland's economy over that 3 day weekend."

We spent close to $1,000 including staying at the Avalon, but it was a wonderful, refreshing long weekend. There just aren't restaurants in Salem that make me just wonder at the art of cooking. Take a bite and say "ahhh, that is soooo good." The BL Road House - it's just pub food - put enough butter and salt on a potato rind or an old shoe and bake it and it will taste good.

Try Cafe Mingo or Nostrana....just unbelievable.

Why is it we don't get any of those restaurants in Salem? They would have a corner on the market and make a lot of money due to the lack of other choices in town.

ps- The Montage is excellent food. try getting a table at 8pm on a Friday.

Anonymous said...

By the way, I wholeheartedly support local businesses (never spend a dime at WalMart/Target/MdD), but I refuse to support mediocrity.

Anonymous said...

It must break your heart not to be able to afford to live in a big city like Portland or San Francisco.

Anonymous said...

We've been to the Best Little Road House a couple of times. Definitely not good food. It's ok, but not good. They use pretty low quality cuts of steak and liberally use cheese and butter - which isn't particularly creative. Again, not terrible, but I wouldn't say it was good by any stretch. Seemed expensive for what you get.

Never been there for happy hour though. Just for dinner.

Are you talking about Le Bistro Montage in SE Portland? The mussel shooters and Rainier beer are addictive.

Anonymous said...

Salem DOES have some "really good restaurants" I agree Best L. Roadhouse isn't one of them by ANY stretch of the imagination. But I think DaVincis is one of the best dining experiences I've ever had, and it happens, believe it or not, to be in salem. By the way, with more population comes more wealth, it costs money to live in the city, so obviously they will have more "fine dining" places to cater to said clientel. It's silly to complain, if you like it that much, Portland is only a 45 minute drive!