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If you've been following this blog a long time you know that the very first Eat Salem Restaurant of the Year 2007 was Apizza in Stayton. Yes, the Eat Salem Restaurant of the Year was in Stayton. Not too far to drive on a weekend afternoon. The owner of the restaurant just sent me a link to their new website. Check it out, www.apizza.us. This place has really good pizza and they now serve lasagna for $6.75. After Apizza won ROY, we headed out there for an Eat Salem night. Read all about it here. We can't drive up Hwy 22 nowadays without thinking of the pizzas that are being made in that little downtown east of Salem. It's a destination restaurant and getting out there is half the fun.

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Anonymous said...

Finally got to try Apizza for the first time. WOW! I've read several debates on here about who has the best pizza in the area. Apizza was always mentioned. We finally had an occasion to get some pies and it didn't disappoint. My in-laws got the Gut Buster and loved it. They were hesitant about the extremely thin crust. I got a couple of uncertain looks with a hint of hesitation. Once they bit into it, all the doubting disappeared. There were tons of mmm's and Oh this is so good.

The other pizza we got was a Large with sausage, caramelized onions and olives. Heavenly! The onions were just great and the sausage had the perfect amount of spice. I'm not a big thin crust fan but this is definitely the exception. It was crispy and chewy at the same time. It had the perfect amount of what I like to call the "pull". That's when you bite into the crust and it fights you a little when you try to bite off a piece as you pull it away from your mouth. I prefer a sweet sauce and theirs is perfect.

I really don't think I can go back to the quick slice at Costco after having Apizza.

We also got the heat at home lasagna which we'll be having for dinner tomorrow. If it's like the pizza, then I know we won't be disappointed.