Thompson's Brew Pub

During a relaxing Sunday evening meal (filled with pumpkin ale, bourbon furnaces, a barbecue sandwich, Shepard's pie, American dip & a full Monte Cristo) at McMenamin's Thompson's Brew Pub, I noticed a card on the table advertising their 20th anniversary celebration on Friday, January 29. 

"Win prizes!!  Including an overnight stay at Oregon Hotel!!
Bring in a canned food donation to get a raffle ticket . . .
or buy raffle tickets for only a dollar.
All donations/monies for raffle tickets go to Marion Polk Food Share.
Coloring contest, new beer releases, brewery tours, old school specials, 
they've been gone but not but not forgotten!!
We hope to see you there!!"


Anonymous said...

Off topic, but I didn't know where else to post this:
I read somewhere that a new specialty grocery store was opening up downtown. I can't remember where I read it, or the specifics. Has anyone here heard anything about this?
Thanks in advance!

KandN said...

This comment was posted by William Bragg in December, "If Bishop's Downtown Grocery Store is the one next to the Coffee House Cafe, it won't be opening - at least not with the original owner. The owner has taken off. Rumors go so far to even say he's in the Netherlands now."