Restaurant of the Year 2009, Word of Mouth!

I knew it! I knew it, after finishing a bowl of clam chowder on my first visit to Word of Mouth Neighborhood Bistro just over a year ago, during their first week in business. I knew that it was the best restaurant in Salem, that snowy day, when Becky let my family come in to eat, just as she was preparing to close the restaurant for the day. I knew it, after eating the Signature Corned Beef Hash for breakfast there for the first time. I knew it, as I sat chatting with people waiting patiently to get in on a weekend morning. I knew it, the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth...fifteenth, sixteenth, seventeenth, time I came in before 8am for the early morning special. I knew it, after trying the Creme Brulee French Toast. I knew it, hearing the reactions of friends after their initial visits. I knew it, every evening when the daily special email arrived in my inbox, making my mouth water. I knew it, when they opened for dinner. I knew it, the first time I peaked into the kitchen and saw Steve working harder then anyone I have ever seen. I knew it, the first time I was served a cup of coffee while waiting for a table. I knew it, when my kids jumped for joy at the suggestion of going to eat there. I knew it, when my kids started to tell us that we eat there "way too much" but we brought them there anyway. I knew it, when the restaurant staff grew from just three people. I knew it, each morning that the crew met up there to hang out and chat. I knew that in a poll with other restaurants in Salem, Word of Mouth would be the top choice of readers. I knew it, every time Becky would come by our table with a big smile and ask how our meal was.

Word of Mouth's style thermostat is set at the perfect temperature for Salem. It's not somewhere that you feel like you need to dress up for to get a quick bite, but I wouldn't hesitate to dine there for an anniversary dinner. Every morning and evening, the tables are filled in this place because word is out that it's the best place in town.

Congratulations to Steve, Becky and staff for winning the Restaurant of the Year for 2009. You deserve it for the hard work that you have put into this town's favorite restaurant. It's pretty clear by the overwhelming results from this online poll that you guys are doing things right and raising the bar for all restaurants in Salem. I also want to applaud the other restaurants in the contest. There was obviously a lot of enthusiasm for everyone on the poll this year. We'll work out the details in the coming weeks for the Night/Day/Breakfast at Word of Moutht. Stay tuned.


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Janet said...

Congratulations Steve, Becky & Crew! You guys ARE doing a phenomenal job and we love to eat there (when we can get a table!). Rob, Janet & Kids.

Becky and Steve Mucha said...

Thankyou to all of our fantastic Salem customers for a great 2009!! It has been a great year with so much overwhelming support, and we hope to continue putting out food that you will enjoy.

Also, thankyou to Cascade Baking Company for making us the delicious bread, and to Tico's coffee (Bert) for providing the best coffee, and to my mom- who makes gallons and gallons of our strawberry freezer jam. (who gives her pay to the hungry)

Thankyou Gino for this website. You really do a great service to our town.

Anonymous said...

this site pushed word of mouth, nice job to bad for the other nominated restaurants

Anonymous said...

Word of Mouth is great, but based on the not very creative breakfast food (albeit solid and delicious in a cozy space), it's not really worth a long wait. It's just hash people. It's tasty stuff, but at the end of the day, it's just hash. There are other breakfast places that are quite tasty. Unfortunately, they sometimes have a wait too. Word of Mouth may be the best of these, and a great place overall, but best restaurant?

Great veggie burger but their fries are frozen... Lovo that they use Tico's.

La Capitale is well executed (like Word of Mouth) but much more of an upscale restaurant than Word of Mouth. The food is more interesting and more unique in relation to what other resaurants are doing in town. It should have won.

Cascade Baking is awesome and needs more of this blog's attention.

Congratulations to Word of Mouth.