Oregon Wine, Food & Brew Festival

I'm so excited to go see what the Ingalls have created in their endeavor to give our wine and food festival a total makeover!  Have you read this post from "Where the Locals Eat" blog? 

Oregon State Fairgrounds, Jackman Long Building
Friday & Saturday, January 8 & 9, 2010

The Oregon Wine & Food Festival has been purchased by Scott and Jill Ingalls, owners of Ingalls & Associates of Lebanon, Oregon. Ingalls & Associates is an advertising and promotions firm and has been in Oregon for 20 years. The Ingalls duo has management and production experience in over 200 festivals, events and trade expositions. Scott Ingalls has provided advertising and marketing services to dozens of Oregon events, while Jill Ingalls was the marketing and events director for the Linn County Fair and Expo Center for 10 years.
“We want this to become Salem’s signature event again”, new owner Scott Ingalls said as he announced taking ownership of the Oregon Wine & Food Festival. “This used to be the ... (click here to read the entire article)"

We'll be there, will you?


Hampers said...

Nice blog. Glad to know about the Oregon Wine, Food & Brew Festival. Wish If I could make it to the fest.

Salem Man said...

Here's a list of

Sarah said...

We attended last night and had a good time. We especially liked the brewers (Gilgamesh, Seven Brides, and Pale Horse) and the Naked Wine booth. Enjoyed an awesome chicken and veggie quesadilla from Canby Asparagus. Delicious!

Lise M said...

Canby Asparagus is the best. :)