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by Liseanne

During our pre-Thanksgiving shopping, Mom and I felt a need to pick up some chocolates at Orchard Heights Vineyards up in the West Salem hills. While deciding on which variety of Island Princess chocolates to buy, the woman at the counter asked us if we were staying for lunch. I had no idea they served lunch so this came as a shock to both of us. I had always seen signs for their Sunday brunch posted around the gift shop and winery, but didn't realize they had opened a small cafe in the back of the gift shop. I was a bit tired of my stomach growling so we decided to stay and give it a try.

The back room seemed to be an extension of the well-stocked gift shop. There was an eclectic assortment of cute signs and crafts lining the walls. In the middle of the room sat some tables and plastic chairs. Their menu has a normal cafe fare: sandwiches, soup, salad and some pasta. There is also an extensive list of wines to choose from, served by the glass and by the bottle.

The ham and cheese panini sounded tasty to me and my mom decided on the turkey panini. When our food arrived, I was pleased to see a small fruit salad on the plate. I'd rather have fruit than chips any day, especially a nice assortment of grapes and cantaloupe like they provided. The panini was pretty good. I would have liked a more hearty bread than the light sourdough on the panini. This would have allowed for the sandwich to stay on the grill a bit longer. Some tomatoes and or other veggies would have been nice too. Over all the the panini hit the spot. Mom felt that her panini was good but a little on the bland side. It was fresh and the bread was nice and crunchy. She did agree that some veggies would have made the sandwich much better.

Service was pretty good though a little slow. The waitress was also the cashier and tasting room attendant. It worked out fine as not many customers came in while we were eating.

If you are out wine tasting in West Salem, be sure to stop here to fill up on some tasty food. Its a service that not many wineries provide so Orchard Heights is a rare commodity. Also, if you are interested, here is the previous article on Orchard Heights, focused more on their wine tasting.

Orchard Heights Vineyards
6057 Orchard Heights Road Northwest
Salem, OR 97304-9509
(503) 391-7308


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Chuck Bradley said...

A sprightly elf named Courtney was my delightful server today at Orchard Hights Winery. I lunched alfresco on their brick patio with a fantastic view of the valley to the west and the coast range beyond. A thin veil of blue haze gave the picture a surreal quality. Soft easy jazz wafted through the sound system, but was intermittently interrupted by cannon fire ostensibly produced to frighten birds away from the vineyards. I became acclimated to this in a short time as, I suspect, do the birds. I had a Hot Panini with Turkey Breast and Havarti Cheese. It was served with a small bowl of fresh Mellon, Grapes and Pineapple. It was a wonderful lunch in a lovely setting on a perfect autumn afternoon. It rates and A-. (The minus only because they do not accept American Express.)