Bakery D'Amour Late Eats

Bakery D'Amour has closed.
N and I needed to make a trip to Costco Friday evening.  The list of depleted provisions had been getting longer and longer over the past month.  After the exhausting (Friday after work) trek through the giant warehouse full of (what N calls the contrast of shoppers) targets and shooters, we pulled into the South Salem's Quizno's parking lot at 7:30 PM for a quick & late bite to eat before heading home.  As I unbuckled my seatbelt, I spotted a lit up sign two doors down at one of the newest local businesses, Bakery D'Amour.  I'd heard they served sandwiches, so what the hey.  We walked in to see a dessert filled case (nearly filled, it was 30 minutes from closing after all) and then heard someone behind the counter trying to entice us into the last piece of chocolate cake or some apple pie.  We decided to start with the sandwiches. 

I bypassed the dinner special and the lure of breakfast for dinner and decided on a ham and asparagus panini with potato salad.  N's eye was attracted to their Monte Cristo sandwich, also with potato salad.  While waiting for our sandwiches, I sipped my cup of decaf--nice mild flavor, but not weak.  Our food arrived within 10 minutes.  How I love a spear of a classic deli pickle on my sandwich plate!  Years ago when I worked at a deli I couldn't get enough of them.  The potato salad was obviously house made.  There was just the right amount of dressing--not too dry, not too wet.  The mix of pickle, potato and mustard was just right for my tastebuds and I appreciated how the potato wasn't cooked to a mushy consistency.  The two things I enjoyed most about my sandwich?  How the asparagus was cooked to a tender crunch and the use of black forest ham slices.  I would've liked just a smidgen more mustard and swiss cheese added to the mix though.  Other than that, it was a tasty, satisfying sandwich.  N's Monte Cristo was made with turkey and he thought it was the grilled variety instead of deep-fried.  He enjoyed the sandwich, but found it on the bland side.  He's a big potato salad fan and he loved their recipe.

It's difficult to ignore all of the desserts while sitting at one of their tables.  We opted to buy that last slice of chocolate cake and a wedge of apple pie to take home and share later.  They were both beautiful desserts and smelled temptingly delicious, but I'm not totally convinced they were calorie worthy.  The apple pie, loaded with cinnamon flavor, didn't have the tender apples and oozing syrup that I like.  The chocolate cake frosting and filling had a fudgy quality, but was slightly sweeter than what I desire from a cake.  I want to taste the complexity of all of the ingredients without having them overshadowed by the addition of too much sugar.  I'm sure I'm in the minority, as the rest of the family has never complained about the sugary sweet desserts at Konditorei that are too much for me.

Over all?  We enjoyed our meal and our service.  Good stuff!  We'll be back!

2755 Commercial St. SE
Salem, OR 97302.
(503) 779-1011
Open 7am to 8pm, 7 Days a Week.


jeff said...

So N was attracted to the Reuben... but ordered a Monte Cristo?

Also... what defines a "shooter" and a "target" at Costco?

KandN said...

Shows how distracted I can get while writing! I'm going to go up and correct that mistake. Thank you!
Well, according to N, shooters are the people wheeling the fast carts and the targets are the owners of the slow or stopped carts.

Jen F said...

Do they have macarons? (Yes, there's only one "o" on purpose...)

The French meringue cookies with a bit of ganache between. And no coconut. ;-)

Chuck Bradley said...

I like it......

with reservations. The place is nice, but a little snooty. I was wearing my usual warm weather cargo shorts and sandals which raised the eyebrows of several of the blue haired ladies who had obviously gotten all gussied up to see and be seen here. The mature crowd comprised the lion's share of the clientele. I ordered their "Market Roast" beef sandwich with coleslaw. I'd been waiting about 15 minutes when my server approached to say the cook had made the wrong sandwich and it would be awhile longer. After another 10 minutes my meal was served. It was made on a diminutive, excessively chewy (maybe a little past it's prime?) baguette with a sliver of cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomato. It was swimming in liquid from the coleslaw. OH YUM! It should have been in a side dish. It took much of my considerable strength to chew this bread. For most senior citizens (and yes, I qualify), the portion sizes are probably just fine, but I would have liked a little more to eat. I'll probably try this place again, but I need a new outfit first. I'm thinking some Goodwill raggedy bib-alls. Or, better still, an orange prison jump suit!

Anonymous said...

The place seemed to try but not quite make the mark. WHAT is up with those really, really bad cream puffs big daddy O size and the fugally eclairs??? Bad but I adore lemon so the tarts looked right on the mark as did the lemon bars like at Starbucks, YUM.
I went with the lemon bar and a small cheesecake, so very cute I might add. The bar was to die for. I'll get back to you on the cheesecake.

Anonymous said...

Closed for good.

Anonymous said...

D'Amour is no more. :(