La Margarita for Happy Hour

Paparazzi at La Margarita tonight. No Lady GaGa, no Brangelina. Just me, my tweeps, and Pedro...Pedro's Margarita, that is.
You know you're in a good spot when the folks you're with are snapping pics of every drink and dish that hit the table. Could have be the colorful tablecloth, the brightly painted walls, or the charming Valentine decorations. I suspect it was the mouth-watering presentation of our generous portions of traditional mexican fare.

Being a vegetarian, I ordered the sizzlin' hot veggie fajitas. Being very hungry, I finished the entire platter. Actually, a platter and two additional plates-worth of food. My friends ordered tostadas, enchiladas, and nachos. Good authority @kidcapitale passed along a tweet-tip: mesquite grilled items are a strength - recommend enchilada suiza, pollo a la crema, mole with prawns or chicken, grilled halibut salsa verde. The halibut will be my next choice. And I will save room for the Bananas Vallarta.

 Though this visit was part of our weekly Happy Hour rendezvous, I am unsure whether there were any specials offered. This is not to say that the items I ordered were not of full value for the price, the limited specials just might not meet the typical expectations of a happy hour visit.
Service was super-fast, which may have been the reason the cheese in one dish was not fully melted. In the evening, I prefer a little time before the meal is presented to enjoy a couple drinks and to visit. Lightning-quick service at lunch has always been appreciated.

And Pedro? Pedro came highly recommended by our very helpful and happy waitress. And though Pedro was not what I'd call beautiful, with the quirky serrano pepper floating amid the tequila, somehow he was the photogenic of them all. Just watch out for the spicy lip-numbing kick at the finish - might make for a quirky smile only the paparazzi would enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Love your post, MnLs!

Unknown said...

Is this a different restaurant than La Margarita Express? Can you list the happy hour days and times, please? Thank you!

KandN said...

Kim, Yes, it is a different restaurant than La Margarita Express. There were no specials for happy hour. We usually note when a restaurant has an honest to goodness happy hour. I hope it doesn't stop you from giving them a try, however.

Stephanie H. said...

La Margarita Express has the very best tasting Mexican food ever. We've tried many others in the area.

Good food. Close to downtown so meet friends for lunch. Fair pricing. Outside seating in the summer.