Salem Dining in January

Broadway Cafe - Spread the news, we just hired chef Mujib Simms from New Orleans. We are now starting this Friday offering dinners on Friday & Saturdays every week! Besides our taste of soul we have a full menu of wonderful Afromerican/Creole Cuisine. 2860 Broadway Avenue NE, Salem, Oregon 97303 (Click here to see Jan. 6 & 7 menu)

Cascade Baking Co. - Watch the BCS championship with 'Duck Bread'
Having a football party to watch the BCS championship game with University of Oregon?
Cascade Baking Company is making duck bread for your football party. Yellow and green dough swirled together to make our duck baguette and duck sandwich breads.
Breads will be available Monday, January 10.
A limited supply of breads will be made.
Please preorder to guarantee selection.
Cascade Baking is located at 229 State Street, downtown Salem.
Phone number is 503 589 0491.

Prudence Uncorked - On January 12, starting at 6:30 pm, our first pairing of 2011 will move beyond creative into the realm of brilliance! (We’d say “genius,” but we’re too humble…) You’ll laugh and frolic over the Riesling with bruleed figs with honey; the Casteel Reserve Pinot Noir with our brown butter gnocchi, wild mushroom, chevre cheese, and thyme course; and the Estate Grown Pinot Noir Rose’ with our dessert of…no, no, that’s enough! We’d hate to spoil ALL our surprises for you!
(But if you really can’t wait to know the rest, we’ve posted the menu on our website…)
Reservations are, as always, a must, as seating will be limited. $60 per person. Call 503-362-0888 to book your grand entrance into a delightful New Year!

Seven Brides Brewing - January 7th: Music at the Tap Room, 8-11pm
Join us in the Tap Room for some great First Friday music with Mark Seymour. You won't want to miss this fantastic acoustic rock and blues performance.
January 10th: BCS Championship Game, 5:30 kick-off
Join us in the Tap Room as we watch the Oregon Ducks battle the Auburn Tigers for the title of best college football team in the nation. Kick-off is set for 5:30pm, and the Tap Room will open at 3:00pm. Food and drink specials throughout the evening!
January 14th: Music at the Tap Room, 8-11
Join us in the Tap Room for some great music from the Matthew Price Band. The guys will be here rocking out for the evening and will return again in December, so mark your calendars and stop on in.

Caruso's Italian Cafe - is celebrating its 10th anniversary Jan. 12 with a special dinner.
The menu will include butternut squash risotto, a salad of mesclun greens, one of three entrees (chicken, veal or beef) and a dessert. Cost is $25 per person.
There also will be prize drawings. The seatings are from 5-9 p.m., and reservations are required. Call (503) 393-8272.


Unknown said...

I've always enjoyed Cascade Baking Company, but dear lord that Duck bread sounds unappealing. Maybe if I was a football fan..

Anonymous said...

Joshua, I agree. Yikes?

Stoked to hear the Tap Room mentioned! I've been meaning to postmy thoughts from my first trip there:

Urban Spoon's shake feature suggested this to us on an uninspired Saturday night. Already a fan of Seven Brides beer, available at Roth's, Fred Meyer, and the always well-stocked Capitol Market, we checked out the website and thought German sausages, beer, and photos of their cozy dining room sounded perfect. We were happy to venture out of Salem to try something new.

So glad we did! The Tap Room is a great little spot. Located near the Roth's market on 213, the interior is remodeled beautifully and boasts a large TV playing the Duck game, cozy wood tables, corrugated steel accents and a beautiful bar. It was about 6:30 and the place was beginning to fill up with diners, football fans, and an "over the hill" birthday party in another room.

We sat ourselves and a friendly girl brought us menus. The drink menu is Seven Brides beer on one side and Vitis Ridge wines on the other. Glasses of wine ranged from $4 - $6 depending on type, and every handcraftedbeer was $3 for 12 ounces and $4 for a 20 ounce glass. It's easy to pay five or six dollars for a premium craft pint at a restaurant, so the generous pours are extremely well priced. We enjoyed reading descriptions of each and I settled on an ale rated at the lowest IBU (bitterness scale), while my companion chose the most bitter brew he could find. I appreciated our pours arriving icy cold and filled to the brim. I prefer my beer nice and chilly, and both we chose were great. 

The food menu was short and sweet, and how about no entree priced over $8.00? What a deal! There was no sign of the German sausages we noticed on the website, and staff confirmed that none were offered that night. The evening's special was a soft pretzel starter. I was tempted by the macaroni and cheese, a favorite of mine, but ultimately decided on the Carnitas Quesedilla. How good does that sound, right? My companion ordered the Reuben sandwich, $7. His arrived heaped with meat, swiss and 'krout and a side of coleslaw. The rye bread was toasty and the sandwich was declared "pretty good" by my husband, with the coleslaw scoring higher compliments. My quesedilla was aaaamazing. I tend to think of carnitas as rather crispy and crackly, but this meat was tender and moist, and super flavorful. The quesadilla was large and on the side was a dish of homemade pico de gallo. It was agreed that this was the best entree between us. The salsa tasted so fresh and garlicky! And a steal at $8. I had to have help finishing it all. Everything else on the menu sounded equally mouthwatering.

Started as a home brewing operation, this brewery is named for the seven daughters of the founders. We cant wait to go back!


Anonymous said...

Wow on the offerings from Broadway Cafe. Haven't tried it, but plan to support what the owner is trying to bring to Salem.

Asia Guy said...

Awesome stuff. I will def. look forward to trying it.