Brunch in Salem

Where is your favorite place to eat brunch in town?

N and I have only done the brunch thing once--YEARS ago.  It was at the Red Lion at Jantzen Beach and the selection was overwhelming.  I haven't given brunch much thought since then, until a twitter pal sent out a query asking for Salem brunch suggestions.

If you Google "brunch in Salem Oregon", the results will include;

Orchard Heights Winery, (now closed)
Urban Alley Eatery & Bar
Bentley's Grill
Word of Mouth Bistro
Busick Court
Willamette Valley Vineyards (Mother's Day), 
Eola Hills Winery 
Three Legged Dog Public House in Independence
Willamette Valley Grill 
The Kitchen on Court St.
Delaney Madison Grill

I heard from a co-worker a few years ago that they loved the brunch at McGrath's Fish House, but their website doesn't mention it.

The twitter pal chose Orchard Heights Winery, but ended up finding an unexplained closed sign upon their arrival.  They enjoyed brunch at Busick Court instead.

Where would you recommend a friend go for brunch and why?


Can Opener Boy said...

In mid-2007 we used a gift certificate to the Eola Winery in Rickreall. The food choices were numerous, and the quality was just OK, the atmosphere rustic (read: felt like a barn, but in a good, homey sort of way) and the wine was excellent. The staff were very friendly.

I have a question: what makes brunch truly brunch? To my mind it's a buffet. Without the buffet, is any meal eaten between breakfast-time and lunch-time truly a "brunch"? Did the Sunday Brunch evolve from restaurants opening a bit later on Sundays, after church, trying to give people both options?

KandN said...

After reading the entry about brunch on Wikipedia it looks like the meal can be either buffet or menu ordered. I've always thought of brunch as an enormous buffet, too.

tracylee said...

A couple of weeks ago we used a gift certificate to Eola Hills Winery. The quality was really good, so they may have changed caterers since Can Opener Boy was there. Service was super-friendly, and the variety was amazing. The $24.95 included two glasses of wine, which was good enough that we purchased two bottles to go.

I have more details here:

Anonymous said...

To me, brunch is any meal that is breakfasty (or could be lunchy), usually taken on the weekends sometime between 9 am and 1 pm. Ideally, it does not include a buffet. In my opinion, buffets are overrated. The food is limp and greasy - and who knows how long it's been sitting there! A good brunch is fresh, cooked to order.

I like Word of Mouth (although it's usually a wait for brunch). We've also enjoyed Napolean's downtown for quiche and crepes. They also have great coffee, another must for a nice brunch.

KandN said...

quiche and crepes and coffee :>) Sounds like a fun name for a restaurant!