Will Work For Sushi

It won't take too much work to play the salemites.com trivia game. In fact, it's more fun then work. The current prize is a $25 gift certificate to Sushi Kyo, the conveyor belt Japanese restaurant with two cozy locations in Salem. The winner of the last contest sponsored by Sushi Kyo, Amber, took her mother out to dinner there and had a great time. Sushi Kyo is kid friendly and reasonably priced for a sushi dinner. My kids love this place and always suggest going there when we ask them where they want to eat. Let me tell you, that's a big deal, because we have eaten at lots of different restaurants in town and a recommendation by these two elementary school culinary connoisseurs goes a long way to getting us in the door. The contest ends Thursday morning Dec. 24th at 7am. Good luck.

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