Vote for Restaurant of the Year 2009

Here it is folks, your chance to vote for your favorite restaurant in Salem, Oregon. It's as simple as it looks. Just click the little circle next to the restaurant you like and hit "Submit Vote." The poll will close at midnight on January 5th 2010.(Midnight meaning you can vote through the 5th.) Voting online is not a perfect science of course, so, I'm going to try to make this process as transparent as possible. This is how it works. You will be allowed to vote multiple times this year but, you will have to wait until 10 other people from different IP addresses vote and you clear the cookie from your browser. This measure is to help ensure that one person doesn't vote 500 times in a row. If you have further concerns, email me at When a winner is determined we will have an Night at the restaurant. Time and date to be determined.(We have to check on Vegan's Nightmare's schedule.) Good luck to all the great restaurants on the list. The poll is in the top right corner of this site and the javascript code is available to put on other sites. Here's the code.

<center><!-- Begin Poll Code --><style>.ivanC12612289453344{position:absolute;visibility:hidden;}</style><div id="ivanI12612289453344" class="ivanC12612289453344"><a href="" class="ivanL_FP" target="_blank">Free Web poll for your Web site -</a></div><script language="JavaScript" src=""></script><!-- End Poll Code-->Poll closes January 5th, 2010<br/>
<a href="">Click here for details</a></center>


Anonymous said...

Great idaea on the voting restrictions. I think this will give a much better representation than prior years.

Vegan's Nightmare said...

This just confirms my theory that the world revolves around me.

Salem Man said...

My world at least.

Anonymous said...

If I owned one of these restaurants and considering this economy, I would be very tempted to vote as many time as possible.

As I type this, I'm looking at the Living Culture preview of Jordan Blake, a candidate for mayor. He's bringing up issues that the other candidates are not. Based on a televised forum, he's clearly the most progressive candidate that showed up and the one with the biggest chops. While part of me feels that it's - well, awesome - that he decided not to shave (maybe it didn't even occur to him), another part of me feels that his ideas are going to be dismissed because of those furry handles. You don't see Kitty Price walking around downtown Eugene with hairy armpits. keep up the good work.