Super Pho to Super Dog

A marketing scheme that's too powerful to resist. Just adding the word "super" in front of whatever is being served is enough to get me in the door of a restaurant. It happened twice in a matter of a few days. Saying something is "super" reminds me of the words of encouragement that an elementary schooler would receive at the top of a daily assignment. Over the weekend, after a drive back from Central Oregon, we stopped into Super Pho on Lancaster to get a warm bowl of the "Super" Pho. The food here, is slightly less then "super" but if you factor in that it only costs $6.95 for this huge bowl of Pho Tai, the restaurant might get a "Nice job!" We actually had to trick our kids to go here. We didn't say anything to them about where we were going to eat the whole drive along Lancaster because we worried that they would resist the entire way. They must have thought we were taking them to Chuck E. Cheese as they looked out the back windows at the bright lights of all the chain restaurants along the drive. As we pulled into the driveway, my son looked up, saw the sign and yelled, "No, not Super Pho!" I guess the marketing doesn't work on him.

There is no doubt that the marketing works on me. Just the other day, while walking along 6th St. in downtown Portland, I fell for it again. This time at Super Dog, a small hot dog and beer joint squished between a Subway and the big M. The Chicago Dog, a drink and a bag of chips were $5.95. The dog was served with a knife and fork which I soon realized would have been a less messy way to consume this meal. In my red felt tip pen at the top of this place I'll write "Keep Up The Good Work!" a and maybe add a blueberry scratch and sniff sticker next to it.


Anonymous said...

I was disappointed in Super Pho, particularly with the terrible service. We are sticking with Vietnam Restaurant. The people are great, it is a family place, and the food is always delicious!

Anonymous said...

Oh puh-lease, can you make it anymore obvious that you are in someway associated with Vietnam restaurant. The least you can do is make it somewhat believable by explaining why the service was so bad.. What a joke. I might not be a regular, but have received excellent service every time that I have been in.

Chuck Bradley said...

I ate here Tuesday. My first visit. I had #23 (I think). It was Asian salad and rice vermicelli with pork, beef, chicken and shrimp. It came with a clear, amber sauce on the side. I ended up taking half of it home for dinner. I thought it was quite good. As further testament to the place, I noticed that Mr and Mrs Yim, the owners of Love Love's Teriyaki (on south Liberty) were lunching there. I also thought the service was deferential and friendly.