Stay Indoors and Play Trivia!

It's cold out there, don't bother going out. (unless you're dining out at one of Salem's best restaurants) Here's a great indoor activity to do in front of a warm fire, Trivia. The prize this time is a $25 gift certificate from Sushi Kyo. If you haven't eaten sushi before, this is a great way to sample the Japanese cuisine. You sit down and watch as the raw fish rolls by on a conveyor belt. Choose what looks good then try another. I always like to start with a miso soup and then my kids will make my next selections. Last time I was there, they chose the mini octopus salad roll and the masago. The Oregon and California Rolls are both excellent choices for the less adventurous. The trivia contest ends Monday, so get your answers in soon. Playing supports local voices in the capitol city. If you discover new sites in this search, be sure to bookmark them and become a regular reader. Here's the link to the trivia.

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