J's 99 Grill in Monmouth

No, this wasn't N's and my original date night destination.  The restaurant we set out to try was closed.  We weathered the disappointment and a short while later we found ourselves a short distance down the road in Monmouth at J's 99 Grill, trying to remember what had been recommended.

The aroma of recently baked potatoes greeted us as we walked into the front door.  The young hostess promptly seated us in a booth and brought us water. The two of us sipped our water and scanned the long menu.  My first impulse (which I rarely heed and usually wish I did) was to order one of their "hand spanked" hamburgers, but the descriptions of the "home style" entrees on the back of their menu changed my mind.  I ordered the Fettuccine with Chicken and Broccoli and N ordered the Cowboy Brisket.

I enjoyed my green salad with iceberg and leaf lettuce, cucumber, young peas, croutons, carrot slivers and red cabbage--with the dressing on the side.  The fettuccine meal was okay, although the noodles were wider and thinner than I expect fettuccine noodles to be and the sauce could have used a more cheesy flavor.  The broccoli was cooked just right and the chunks of chicken were both a good size and tender.
N described his brisket as definitely smoked and tender, but the smoked flavor wasn't close to Adam's Ribs brisket.  He also wished the accompanying barbecue sauce was more tangy instead of sweet.  His mashed potatoes were fresh made and tasty. 
After getting a look at one of this hometown diner's "hand spanked" burgers in the hands of a customer, we plan on returning to give one a try or maybe a serving of those pumpkin pancakes someone recommended.

220 Pacific Avenue North
Monmouth, OR 97361


Amber said...

The pumpkin pancakes are fabulous! While I have not tried their entrees, I have been happy with the sandwiches and salads, as well as the baked potatoes.

DeeDeeDiner said...

When I heard the sound of a saw at the old Wild Pear location on River Road this afternoon, I stopped and asked the worker if he knew anything about the new business.

It turns out he is the son of the folks who will be opening a restaurant---they thought the place had been “empty way too long.”

His parents currently own J’s 99 in Monmouth. He said the fare will be comfort food and that his mom has recipes that have been handed down over the years. Opening date is unclear, but he said the kitchen should be installed sometime next week.

KandN said...

Thanks for the update, 3-D.
When N and I drove around the back end a couple weekends ago, it looked like a repair to a rotten floor, wall and maybe a pipe replacement as well. This past weekend, it had the look of something more. Now I understand.

PattyB. said...

I ate with my family at j's 99 tonight. It was great I had the country fried steak and my husband had the Alaskan Halibut fish and chips. YUM! Both meals were delish. The steak was breaded perfect with the best country gravy I have ever had. The fish was cooked perfectly and the tarter sauce was freshand very tasty.I had the soup of the day also, tortilla soup. It was also very good and perfectly spicy. I am new in town and am so glad I found a nice place to take my family.

Anonymous said...

Too bad you decided to remove the WiFi. As a resident of Monmouth who often dines out, I spend a lot of money at restaurants, and I am a busy professional, so I often need to work on my laptop or iPad while I'm waiting for dinner. I like the menu at J's and I would go there, but there are other places in Monmouth and Independence that provide WiFi, so I have to go there. Sorry J's, but removing WiFi meant also losing the business from at least one long-time resident.