Happy Birthday Word of Mouth!

One year old today. Thanks Becky, Steve and staff for all the great meals you've served us this past year. You're restaurant has become a big topic of conversation in our household. Yummy!


smc said...

My husband and I walked in the door of WOM one year ago on a cold, snowy Saturday at 7am and were greeted by Becky. She informed us we were there on the first weekend they were opened for breakfast. It was as delicious that first weekend as it is today. The only difference now is that it's very crowded due to the immense popularity of the place. Congratulations Becky and Steve on your first anniversary.

Salem Man said...

I wrote "birthday," should I have written "anniversary?" That's been driving me crazy all day. Decided to go there for dinner to celebrate. Love the food. We were there when they first opened during that snow storm last year.