Prudence Uncorked

Prudence Uncorked is now closed

Dear Prudence--Happy Hour Uncorked
By KandN
It was a dark and dreary rainy night--perfect for a happy hour meet up at a new, promising location--and to meet a new Salemite.  I tweeted Monday's destination and start time in hopes of enticing some new dames to join us.  One is good, but filling the bar?  That would be priceless!  You can send your email address to if you want to be added to the contact list.

I first heard about Prudence Uncorked during a breakfast earlier this year.  Since then I began to watch for signs of Pru's opening.  Finally, a few weeks ago, N and I noticed clean-up activity inside the restaurant on a late night walk to the Pringle parking garage.  The two of us checked their door for hours and menu--no mention of happy hour.  No mention on their website either, but there was an email address. The contact (Lenny) emailed back, "We have happy hour 4:30-6:00 pm and 8:00pm to close. We are open Monday-Saturday."  Good news!

I was thrilled to be able to park in the Pringle Parkade--avoiding the precipitation.  I'd had enough cold, wet, rainy walks at work that day. My only complaint (aimed at myself) was parking on the south side, instead of the north.  Exercise is a good thing, right?  I walked in to Prudence Uncorked at 5 PM.  Both the dining area and bar were empty (except for the crew), BUT Pru is new and it was a Monday.  The bartender greeted me as I perched on a stool at the bar.  Ah!  Another bartender ready to offer suggestions and make recommendations--reminded me of visits to both DaVinci's and La Capitale. 

I browsed the happy hour menu drink and food choices, trying to decide whether to wait for my comadres or not.  After talking to the bartender about my preferences, he suggested 2 cocktail possibilities.  I ordered one of the two, the Maker's Ginger--a nice balance of whiskey and ginger.  Rebekah arrived and suggested we move to one of the small tables near the bar.  After talking to the bartender, she ordered a cilantro, cucumber gin combination. Rachel arrived at about the same time as Rebekah's drink.  She ordered a margarita.

The bartender brought us a basket with 4 pieces of complimentary bread, saucers and a shaker bottle of olive oil.  The texture of the tender and slightly sweet bread reminded me more of a cake than a yeast bread.  I ordered an appetizer named Cross My Havarti and Hope to Pesto--hand breaded fried havarti cheese with
pesto and romesco sauce $7.  Which (I'm sure) was horribly unhealthy, but the crisp outer coating and melty goodness inside were delicious.  Rebekah ordered Teeny Crostini-little toasts with caramelized onion cheese spread and Fuji apples $8. I apologize for not photographing Rachel's This Little Figgy--black mission figs, prosciutto, blue cheese, and balsamic reduction $8.   Since we had the time and were enjoying each other's company, the 3 of us each ordered a second cocktail.  We continued our conversation while engaging in people watching (and eavesdropping) as a group began to gather in the adjacent banquet room for a party.

Another local high end choice for Salem happy hour aficionados and diners!

Prudence Uncorked
Happy Hour 4:30-6:00 pm and 8:00pm to close.
Open Monday-Saturday
(503) 362-0888
325 High St. SE
Pringle Park Plaza
Salem, OR 97301


AMY said...

Dammit! I'm so crabby that I had to WORK and miss this... this sounds like it was MUCH better. =-)

KandN said...

Much better than tater tots and chicken nuggets that we could only tell the difference by cutting them in half?
Yup, that one's going to stick in my head for a long, long time. Like the lone theater hotdog in an episode of Seinfeld.
I hope you can make the next one!

Salem Man said...

Can someone help me get that Beatles song out of my head? Sounds like another example of Salem getting better.

KandN said...

At happy hour Lopezjen mentioned she could remember when Pringle Plaza was a busy place with interesting shops.

I heard once that in order to rid your head of a song you have to give it to someone else. Here's one for you--"someone left a cake out in the rain . . "

SalemStinks! said...

That havarti looks really good. Great new twist on an old favorite!

KandN said...

That Havarti was delicious!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Just had a delicious lunch and thought the breizy pouff was just about perfect for a lite lunch with a salad. Price was competitive with similar downtown eateries and the view out to the park was pretty relaxing. I'd go back.