Trivia Time Ends Tomorrow!

I wonder what would happen if nobody wins the Trivia Contest. Would I be allowed to keep the prize and go in and order some of that homemade soup from Flight Deck? What about that Seafood Au Gratin with twice baked potato that N ordered last time he was there? Yup, that's what I'll get. Hopefully nobody will spoil my plan to get that prize by answering all the questions in the contest correctly. Reminder to self, make the next contest really hard so that it's impossible to win. Why didn't I think of this sooner. It's kind of like "Win Ben Steins Money" but instead, "Win Salem Man's Dinner." You know what else looks good over there at Flight Deck, the Toasted Almond Chicken Breast. It's going to be tough for me to decide what to get. I'm getting hungry just thinking of playing the contest which ends Wednesday morning at 7am. Which means, I'm going to have to get up early only to find out that one of you took food right out of my mouth and are going to have a great time dining at Flight Deck near the airport.(Yes, Salem still has an airport. You just need to own an airplane to enjoy it.) Good luck, I guess, to anyone who has still not submitted the answers to the contest.  Get them in by Wednesday morning. Here's the link to play.

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tracylee said...

And, it's Pumpkin Crunch season at the Flight Deck!