Restaurants Open on Thanksgiving

Salem, Oregon has a few options for dining out on Thanksgiving Day. We asked around and here are the ones that we know about. (We have heard many fast food places {ie:McDonalds, Jack in the Box} are usually open on Thanksgiving, though some open later in the day.)

Order your rolls from Great Harvest and  Cascade Baking Co.- (503) 589-0491

Order your pies from Sugar Sugar, Fordyce FarmsJenuine Desserts and Willamette Valley Pie Co.

Turkeys, etc From Fitt's Seafood
Did you know your friendly Fish Market has a long standing tradition of selling fresh Turkeys? This year we have free range, hormone free and available to be picked up on Monday, Tuesday or  Wednesday. We will also have available Muscovy Duck, Duck Breasts, Pheasant, semi-boneless Quail, Rabbit,and Geese.

Turkeys From LifeSource
Reserve your Shelton's Turkey today! Simply stop by or call us at 503.361.7973.

Turkeys and more From Gillespie's Meat Shoppe
Fresh Turkeys are the BEST Turkeys! We just got our Fresh Norbest 100% all Natural Turkeys in! Give us a call if you want us to hold one for you before we sell out! They range from 10 lb. to 25 lbs.. Our phone number is 503-362-6403. Have a Great Holiday! :)

Turkeys & Hams From Adam's Rib
No we will not be open for Thanksgiving...but we will have whole smoked ham and turkeys. Pre-order by Friday before Thanksgiving. call 503-362-2194 or order at restaurant.

Dinner to go From Wild Pear
Wild Pear is not open on Thanksgiving. We do have a wonderful Thanksgiving pick up menu though. Our menu will be posted online at:  We bake and package everything needed for a full Thanksgiving Spread. Orders include detailed re-heating instructions.

Dinner to go From Delaney Madison Grill
we will take orders for "per person" dinners. That means you don't have to buy a dinner for 6, if there are only two of you, and you want to have a snuggly Thanksgiving dinner at home without spending all day in the kitchen.

Dinner served from 11am-8pm--for reservations call us at (503) 385-8855

Dine at Rudy's Steak House in old McGrath's location

Dine at Half Penny Bar & Grill
Thanksgiving open 4pm! Turkey and ham dinner with all the fixins!

Dine at Aiberto's
Open 24 hrs

Dine at Seven Brides Brewing will be having a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner from 12pm-4pm

We will be open Thanksgiving Day!! Breakfast 9am~2pm Dinner 4pm~7pm 

Dine at Oregon Garden Resort Restaurant
The Oregon Garden Resort will have a Thanksgiving buffet - reservations required 503-874-2500. The buffet will feature breakfast and dinner options made with fresh, local ingredients. The full menu can be found here:

Dine at McNary Restaurant & Lounge
Traditional Thanksgiving Buffet. 11:00 - 5:00pm, Kids Under 4: Free.  Reservations Highly Recommended: 503.990.7550

Dine at Willamette Valley Grill  
We are now accepting reservations for our annual Thanksgiving Buffet at the Red Lion Hotel! 11am-4pm. Hours: 11am-6pm. Last seating at 5pm. Call 503-370-7997 for your reservation!

Dine at Night Deposit Whiskey Library
OPEN Thanksgiving day at 3 pm... Bring your family and friends for a holiday cocktail!!

Dine at Johnny's Bar and Grill
We open at 4pm on Thursday!

From Coffee in Motion (coffee and bagels)
As always we are here to serve you and your family on thanksgiving! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


Anonymous said...

For an older couple that has no local family, an open restaurant on a holiday is very much appreciated. Restaurants are in the food and service business, there is no issue with them being open on holidays to do what they are set up to do. They are not retail stores, they are there to provide a very specific service which is nicely aligned with things like holidays where part of a celebration can be sharing a meal and not having to cook it.

Anonymous said...

Going out to dinner, especially on Thanksgiving is a luxury. I get that some jobs are essential and the people who work them can't get the day off, that doesn't mean everyone has to suffer.

It doesn't mean they'd want to be working. I'm sure most of them are required to work it, or lose their jobs.

Yes, it seems hypocritical to patronize a business, knowing you're forcing someone to do something you wouldn't want to do, but that sort of hypocrisy is hardly shocking, is it?

Everyone deserves to spend the holidays with loved ones, even restaurant workers. Servers have families and loved ones just like everyone else and they deserve the chance to participate in family traditions just like everyone else.

There are other options for Thanksgiving dinner besides going out. You can order a full dinner in advance from many grocers (and some restaurants) to eat in the privacy of your own home. But, if you must, please tip generously and tell your server how much you appreciate them!

Anonymous said...

Many of us are lucky enough not to know what it's like to spend Thanksgiving without extended family or friends. A meal in a restaurant turns something melancholy into an special occasion for those folks.
Also, I'm guessing there are parents who travel to spend the weekend with their university students. Thanksgiving dinner out makes that possible.
I agree with tipping generously :-).

Anonymous said...

I spend every Thanksgiving alone, no family or friends. Don't go out to a restaurant, just stay at home.

Anonymous said...

Going out for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas dinner has become a tradition. Finding a place that is open here in Salem Oregon has been a challenge. Getting in without having to wait is even better. I am glad to see more restaurants are open this year.