Rejected Comments

Ugh, can't wait to get rid of these ugly responses.

-My SO and I have been trying to eat at ********** for a while now and we found ourselves with some time last Tuesday evening to give it a try. We were gratiously greeted and sat immediately as there were maybe 2 other tables eating at around 8:30-9:00pm. Long story short: I'm not so sure I would go back. The service was wonderful. The server was attentive and knowledgeabl; we discussed the wine list but the food was good AND bad and by bad, I mean we both ended up a little physically ill.I started with the crab cakes and the cakes were some of the best I've ever had. You could actually see and taste the crac legs in the cake. My SO however chose to try the balsamic mushroom caps. We both love mushrooms but the dish included some pearl onions which seemed to have been marinated in vinegar prior to their addition to the dish. I almost choked eating the onion, thinking it was a mushroom. The place is a little dark and the balsamic made everthing in the dish dark so give me a break. My SO also had a hard time with the onions and she LOVES sour, vinagary things. I also had the lamb shank with creamy polenta. I love polenta and ordered this dish primarily because i wanted polenta. The polenta was so salty, I couldnt eat it. Perhaps the addition of a salty cheese to an already over salted polenta did it. The lamb was a little dry but the reason this dish gave me a problem was they used obviously pre-frozen green beans in the vegetable medley that accompanied the lamb shank. I would have expected the owners of **********, being foddies themselves, wouldnt cut corners like that and use a fresh (in season now) green bean. That is just ridiculous. We both ended up with stomach issue not long after eating our meals and I cannot attribute anything in particular that would have caused it other than the mushroom dish. If the service had been bad, i would never go back. But thats not the case and I may go back to try it again and give it a second chance.

-I think the owner of this ******** is a Cold heartless person. She takes employees Child support money out of their checks and keeps it for herself. She has taken almost a thousand dollars of money that does not belong to her, and should be given to the child support division so that the obligated family gets their child support money to take care of their family!

I refuse to eat at this place!

-WARNING DO NOT EAT AT ***********!!
-slow service
-Waitress's are sarcastic and rude.
-tables are sticky
-next to a bar

-*********  is owned by one of salem's biggest slum lords and so I would expect him to be CHEAP and of poor service. He does not serve Salem well.


AMY said...

What is wrong with the first item? Once again, it looks like comments that are negative are being excluded, only for the sake of being negative.

That's not cool.

Salem Man said...

I don't really find people's diarrhea stories to be interesting. That post had lots of good info until they got into the stomach issues. If someone believes that a restaurant is serving food that is causing people to be sick I would highly encourage them to call the county's health department at 503-588-5346. My choice to pull this comment had nothing to do with it being negative.