Pub Crawl Tonight! Pajama Party!

(for current pub crawl info click here)
Here's the schedule for that wild time to be had in downtown tonight put on by the Salem Creative Network.
Here's a link to their post.
5:00 Pre-crawl art show at ƒ/stop Fitzgerald’s, 335 Grove
6:00 Cafe Noir, 610 Marion St NE.
6:30 Mystery location
7:00 Copperjohn’s
7:30 The Brick
8:00 Venti’s Cafe
8:30 Brown’s Towne Lounge
9:00 Pete’s Place
9:30 Magoo’s
10:00 Cokie’s Landing
10:30 The Space
11:00 Flipside!

The theme is Snuggies and Pajamas. I guess, just show up with whatever you'd normally be sleeping in, throw on some slippers and you'll fit right in. Costume creativity is a strength with this group so the people watching might be very interesting. If you want to know more, go to their website or their Facebook.

The most important thing to remember is to designate a driver. Don't let one mistake ruin someone else's life or your own. To find out more about the effects of drinking and driving go to the MADD blog.


jeff said...

Hmmm. You don't want to see what I normally sleep in. Neither do the police.

tracylee said...

jeff, I was just thinking the same thing. No one wants to see me in what I sleep in!