Caffe 680 Opens on Hawthorne

Caffe 680 has now reopened by the owners of Sassy Onion. Click here for the most recent review.

From the folks who brought you Mill Creek Station & Catering, here comes Caffe 680, a small cafe/deli/bistro in the new red-brick business complex just north of Costco. The recently opened cafe is small with seating for maybe 20, and has a coffee menu and a lunch menu with sandwiches, soup, and salads. Prices are typical bistro prices at $7-9 for a sandwich and chips or $8-12 for various salads.

The sandwich I had today - "The Little Italy" - was very good, although it got a little greasy because it was toasted (or heated somehow to melt the cheese). For $9 it was served with fresh spinach, peppers, tomatoes, cheese, salami, pepperoni, and turkey. Like this one, it appears that most of the sandwiches are served on a baguette. You'll notice from the picture that there's no pickle on my plate. Why won't these places serve me a pickle? Sure, not everyone likes pickles. But I do, and I want a pickle with my sandwich. Dill please.

Caffe 680 menu


Chuck Bradley said...

This clean, attractive little place took excellent ingredients and ruined what was potentially a real good Reuben Sandwich. Today I specifically asked the cheerful counter person if the preparer drained the Kraut well, as I don’t like soggy Rye Bread. She assured me he/she did. Well, he/she didn’t! Half my bread was saturated to the consistency of pudding. I have had good experiences at The Sassy Onion and the other patron’s meals looked good, so I’ll give them another chance. But you only get one chance to make a first impression.

Anonymous said...

Why did you mention Sassy Onion?

Chuck Bradley said...

Anon, the folks who own Caffe 680 also own The Sassy Onion.

Chuck Bradley said...

Had their French Bread Turkey Breast Club Sandwich today. It was good, but the Bread slices were so thick it made for a 4"+ Sandwich. Couldn't get my mouth over it so I ate it with a knife and fork. It comes which choice of Slaw or Chips. Next time I'll have them hold the middle Bread slice.

Oregon Maiden said...

Could someone please clarify the note at the top of the review that says "Caffe 680 is now closed." Did they take a break---change hands (or their minds) or ???

KandN said...

Thanks for the heads up, OM.
They were closed and I understand (but I'm not sure) they changed hands and reopened.
Originally, they were owned by the same person who owns Mill Creek Station a bit further N on Hawthorne.