Busick Court 2009

Boy, it's been a long time since we visited Busick Court Restaurant!  Friend Shirley and I used to meet here on a regular basis--putting our name on the waiting list and braving the elements anywhere from 30-60 minutes.  I don't miss the waiting outside part, but I have missed the cozy, historical ambiance.  Another benefit to eating breakfast at this location?  The proximately of Riverfront Park, in case you're in the mood for a stroll. 

On this morning, our wait was a little short of half an hour.  Not bad for the first weekend of the month.  N and I were seated at one of the small tables near the entrance.  (There was a slight chill whenever the front door opened, but it warmed back up quickly.)  Our friendly waitress chatted a bit about the time change and took our drink orders.  N ordered "The Busick" omelet with sausage and I ordered "Broadway Joe's" scramble with chicken.  Both of us chose the potatoes and toast option instead of a biscuit with gravy.

As the two of us visited during our wait for food, our water and coffee were kept full. Thirty minutes later our breakfast plates were brought out. Ah, how I love good toast! The chunks of potato (a few with tasty, brown crisp on one side) nestled up against my scramble. I did notice that the tender chunks of chicken appeared to have been poached instead of sauteed or ?. Which was fine, since all of the flavors in this scramble are on the subtle end: mushrooms, spinach, onion, cheese. The sausage in N's omelet had a nice medley of sage and other spices. The addition of hollandaise sauce made this a rich and filling meal. In fact, N couldn't finish--to my benefit.
We continued our conversation during our meal, amongst the buzz from all the other tables, well tended to and never feeling rushed. When we were ready to go, I set my charge card on the table. Which our waitress noticed immediately. She took my card, with one hand full of just bussed dishes, and brought out our receipt to be signed. She wished us good morning with one more comment continued from our earlier time change conversation.
Salem is so fortunate to have so many gems.

250 Court Street
Salem, OR
Monday-Friday 6:30 am - 2:00 pm
Saturday 7:00 am - 2:00 pm
Sunday 8:00 am - 1:30 pm


jeff said...

I don't know about the potatoes and toast option, but getting a side of biscuits and gravy is akin to ordering an entire meal at another restaurant.

I almost always end up taking it home for the next day's breakfast.


Anonymous said...

For basic breakfasts, I think there are better places in town: Word of Mouth and The Sassy Onion for starters.

Dad-Do said...

Busick is well above average, but I don't recall, in the 40 plus times I have been there over the years, thinking the food was excellent. It is good. It would be nice if they fixed the ventilation in there. I always leave with the smell of food in permeated in my clothes.
**Food = B
Service = B

Word of Mouth is a better environment. Food is very good.
**Food = B+
Service A-

Off Center Cafe looks run down, but the food often will really impress us.
**Food = A
Service = B to D (depending on the server)

Pete's Place is the place if you want diner food and a great bloody mary (sunday morning coming down).
**Food = C+
Service = A-
Bloody Mary's = A

White's is a good place to drink watered down coffee and read the NY Times cover to cover. Food is standard diner fare you would find at a truck stop in the middle of nowhere USA. Service is excellent.
**Food = C+
Service = A+++

Anonymous said...

The last time I was at Busick everything was a bit better than OKAY. The thing that made me not want to ever go back was that our group was seated by the front door and window with their neon sign. By the amount of dust, cobwebs, etc. encased on their sign, it appears it hadn't been cleaned in eons. It was disgusting and made me not want to go back..and we haven't.

The BEST breakfast in town is McGrath's. Never had to wait, the prices are decent and the food is plentiful and really good.

EvaDiva said...

I quit going to Busick's after we discovered Word of Mouth & Sassy Onion, but we decided to go back last weekend and I'm sad to say we didn't enjoy it. First off the quiche that was advertised on the board was sold out. So, why leave the board displayed outside the restaurant?! Or at least, remove the special. I ordered the Eggs Benedict instead and forgot how awful the hollandaise sauce was. I made this mistake twice now. I also prefer hash browns (not offered) over the potatoes they do. The biscuits and gravy are good and so was the coffee.

Chuck Bradley said...

Finally gave Busick Court another chance this morning. Apart from unnecessarily having to stand in the cold for a few minutes waiting to be seated and having to suffer a tattooed, facial pierced, grunge beanied and black skull t-shirted host who looked like he was out on parole, it was a great breakfast. No green fur on my Rye Toast this time. They're making progress!

Anonymous said...

Chuck! I'm surprised you didn't dine at Half Penny! Ever since you wrote about it, I have it on my radar for a breakfast and bloddy mary place to try!

Anonymous said...

Deal Chicken has a 50% off deal for Busic Court. Also, this place hasn't been reviewed in a while!

PS 3.0 said...

This is clearly a place resting on its reputation. Went this morning for breakfast and I can honestly say the service is the WORST in town. The food is good. The coffee is weak. The service is just terrible. It actually became a joke and we started taking notes because it was so bad. I'd be embarrassed if I were the owner of Busick Ct.

Chuck Bradley said: "Apart from unnecessarily having to stand in the cold for a few minutes waiting to be seated and having to suffer a tattooed, facial pierced, grunge beanied and black skull t-shirted host who looked like he was out on parole, it was a great breakfast. No green fur on my Rye Toast this time. They're making progress!"

Anonymous said...

1. To get a table, you have to stand out in the cold amongst the pigeon droppings (all over). It's gross. Looks like it was last cleaned in the Clinton administration.
2. They won't serve you a coffee while you wait.
3. We walked down to get coffee while we were waiting and when it was finally time to be seated the hostess blocks the door and points at my nearly empty coffee cup and loudly proclaims "NO outside food or beverages". I get that, but why not say it in a nice way? Why be rude? Especially since you won't serve me a coffee while I'm waiting?
4. We got seated and it was 15 mins before anyone said ANYTHING to us. When the waitress finally came to our table, the first words were: "You ready??" No pleasantries. No offer of coffee. So I asked if I could get a cup of coffee and she just stood there pen at the ready to take our order. So, we ordered. I cannot overemphasize how rude this girl was. I get more friendly service from the ex-cons pumping gas at the Texacco.
5. Fifteen minutes go by and no coffee. I have now been inside Busick Court for 30 minutes and no coffee.
6. Waitress ignores my attempts to flag her down for coffee. When I finally get her attention - "Oh, I thought I did that". No apologies.
7. 50 minutes after we sat down food was served.
8. The food is good. Not great, but pretty good. I'd give it a 7.5/10. Better food than WOM or Whites, in my opinion.
9. No coffee refill. Again, she is walking right by our table and I am trying to flag her down. She had to actively ignore me because she walked a foot away from me 10 times.
10. She spends 10 minutes at table next to us talking tattoos. Meanwhile I get to stare at an empty coffee cup.
11. Finally, when I get my cash out to pay another server comes over and asks if I want a refill. Thirty plus minutes after my initial cup.

Just to be clear, I have been in the service industry all my life. I am very forgiving and usually I am nice to the wait staff than anybody. I get that it's a challenging job - you get paid a lot, but it's not easy.

The service at Busick Ct is so unbelievably bad that I was actually offended - which is hard to do.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous December 18, 2012 4:36 PM. I recently visited. I had only been once b/f a long time ago. I was very disappointed in the service and the food wasn't all that great either. I will not return.