Bentley's Happy Hour

How many times have I driven north on Liberty past Bentley's bright & busy electronic reader board and thought about setting a date to check out one of their specials?   But when I heard about Lounge Lizard Mondays from Rebekah I decided it was time to set a date. 
The result? Fun, fun, fun! That's what I had with the group of 4 assembled in Bentley's lounge.  The reason for the fun had to do with the company, but happy hour didn't hurt either.  It was good to meet up with new friends and learn more about each other over drinks and appetizers.
Bentley's interior has a modern, classic look.  Their lounge sports a long bar, several high, small, round tables and a few tables around the edges that are big enough to seat 4 to 6.  Rebekah and I chose one of the round tables.  We each ordered one of the drink specials and were looking over the happy hour food menu when Susan and Patti tracked us down and joined us.
The service was great, my mojito and garlic shrimp were good. My ratings (5 being the highest) are:  ambiance-5, food deals-5, drink deals-5, available times-5.

Pie-O-My here:
Having dined at Bentley's for lunch on numerous occasions, I was interested to try their happy hour in the lounge.  It was great fun finally being able to meet some of my fellow bloggers from Karla of What's Up With That and Rebekah of Look What's Happening in Salem.  I follow their blogs regularly and so wanted to connect real people to their blog names.

My friend Patti and I joined their table and we ordered three very moderately priced appetizers which included a Caesar salad, chicken satay skewers and a flatbread.  All of the choices came quickly and were very substantial and well prepared.  I tried both special cocktails being offered that evening.  One was a pomegranate mojito and the other was a rum punch.  As with the food, these were generous cocktails for a very good price. 

I would definitely go back to Bentley's lounge for their happy hour. The service was excellent, the food and drinks were great and the company at our table was warm and friendly.

What's better on a drizzly day than a warm restaurant with a fireplace, a pretty cocktail, and some good conversation with new and old friends? Not much really. It's about the nicest way I can think of to end a Monday. I've been meaning to get to Bentley's for their Lounge Lizard Mondays, mostly because I just like the name. The special of the day was a rum and the special drinks were a very good deal. I chose the Pomegranate Mojito for $4.00 to start, and it was quite good, although a little heavy on the mint leaves. We ordered food and I must say Bentley's happy hour food deals are incredible. Incredibly tasty, incredibly well-priced, and incredibly well presented. I got the crabcake and the chicken satay skewers. Both were very tasty and around the $5 price range. I'm a big fan of small plates style eating so that I can try a couple of things, so happy hour makes me especially happy! We all decided to try the second drink, the Rum Punch, and I was surprised to see that the $4 drink came in a large glass. It was tasty. Not too strong, not too weak, and a little more on the sweet side than the mojito.

My ratings: ambiance - 5, food deals - 5, drink deals - 5, available times - 4 (just pretty average for around here). I'm going to add one more: service - 4 (it was okay, but there was only one bartender and one server for a very large lounge area and it made things a little slower than normally expected).
291 Liberty St.
Salem, OR 97301
(503) 779-1660
Happy Hour 4 PM to 6 PM Daily
Mon– Thurs 9 PM to Close ~ Fri &Sat 10 PM to Close


Anonymous said...

I guess I'm not sure why two people rated the drink deals at 5. The drinks are the same price during happy hour as any other time. I think they're reasonably priced, but they're not good happy hour drink deals. The happy hour food is a great deal, worth going just for that... it's kind of a blah place, Bentley's, but the bartender is good.

KandN said...

Three of us opted to order the featured drinks of that day's happy hour. They were indeed a good deal--nearly half price if I remember correctly. It's my understanding there's a featured drink every Lounge Lizard Monday.

Anonymous said...

Oh ok. Maybe it's only Monday nights they have drink deals then.. could that be true? I've been there for many an 8-dollar happy hour drink.....

Anonymous said...

I have eaten at Bentley's twice now. Once for lunch and once for happy hour. The food both times was just OK. I will not be back unless its just for the ambiance and a drink, and don't plan on eating.