Willamette Burger Co. Pre-Preview

WBC is now closed
Update, 10/15/09 9:32p
Here's one more thing. http://willametteeats.com/

There's something comfortable about the dining room of the soon to be open Willamette Burger Company. Yeah, the tables are close together and it's a small space but that's what made Willamette Noodle Company, the former occupant, a fun place. Now that WNC has outgrown this Broadway St. location and moved on to a bigger restaurant closer to downtown, Willamette Burger Company will get a chance to flourish here. Last night I was invited to give the new restaurant a test run and offer feedback before they open the doors to the public. Even upon a late arrival, the place was filled with friends and family of the owners Janet and Rob Henry and Sarah and Nate Crawford. They were extremely interested in feedback about the food, coming by my table several times asking what I thought. I'll leave my burger review off this site since they aren't open to the public yet and they are still fine tuning some things. I will say that I'm taking my family in here as soon as we can make it. The idea of this becoming a burger joint is right on. Currently, the burger options in Salem are between fast food chains and a few sit down restaurants where burgers are only a small portion of the menu. Focusing on fresh ground hamburgers atop locally baked buns will be a big draw to families looking for a place agreeable to everyone. Being back in that dining room really reminded me of the good times and meals that we have enjoyed there when it was the original WNC. To see more and better pictures of the food check out the Vegan's Nightmare blog.

2360 Fairgrounds Road NE, 
Salem OR 97301
Seven Days a Week, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.


KandN said...

I'm so jealous!! Those fries looked delicious, too!

Vegan's Nightmare said...

Willamette Burger Company opens tomorrow, 10/22/2009, at 11AM!

(yes, try the tots!)

Anonymous said...

We had dinner there last night. The meat in the burger was OK, but the presentation was poor and the overall burger was dry. Burger, bun, cheese, that's it, nothing else. No lettuce, tomato, pickle. We had to ask for condiments. The tots reminded me of deep fried mashed potatoes. The onion rings were doughy, even had raw flour inside them. We showed this to the waitress who merely said "oh", and made sure we were charged for the inedible rings anyway. This was our first and last trip.

KandN said...

Anonymous, What a shame! I took N to WBC for a meal after his 2 day fast. It was our first visit and we loved every bite. I'm surprised your burger didn't come with their garlic aoli. I did notice that the menu says to ask for greens. We enjoyed the peppery flavor of their house made tots, but could see how some people may not enjoy the texture that differs from what we've grown up with.