Willamette Burger Co. Opens Today!

WBC is now closed
Be the first to get a bite of the fresh ground beef burgers that they are serving over there at WBC  and send in some pix. eatsalem@gmail.com.

2360 Fairgrounds Road NE,
Salem OR 97301
Seven Days a Week, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.


Salty Creek Creations said...

If I had only known that they just opened, I would have taken pictures. Went to them today for lunch and it was good. Had the Mushroom Burger (shrooms, aioli, cheese) and my husband the Border Burger (salsa, avocado, fried jalapeno, cheese). We both ordered a basket, which was only a dollar more for a handful of fries. Burgers were thick and tasty. I for my part am not a fan of "thicker" bun, i.e. it was almost like a ciabata, but can't really explain. It was toasted/grilled, but would have preferred a little more crunch... but again... that's just my preference. My husband liked the bun, because he said to him it was fresh.

Will certainly try other menu items in the future.

Anonymous said...

I don't eat red meat so I was wondering if they offer a turkey or chicken burger??

Salem Dinner Table said...

This info was posted on their blog in reference to veggie burgers;

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Converting one vegetarian at a time.
We've had a lot of questions regarding the absence of a veggie burger on our menu. Our standing on this is simple: we refuse to serve products processed, manufactured or heavily laden with additives or preservatives. Our goal is to bring food back to the basics - delicious, local and handcrafted. That being said, Rob and Nate do plan on creating an all vegetarian patty at some point - but they want to take their time and do it right. So for now, we won't have one on our menu.

I would like to shamelessly toot our own horn for a moment - a good (and mostly vegetarian) friend of ours sampled Aunt Jenny's Mushroom Burger and had this to say: "I rarely eat meat and I ate EVERY SINGLE BITE. And I'll be coming back for more!" We're glad we could sway you Catherine!

And for those vegetarians we can't sway - we do have an AMAZING portobello mushroom cap stuffed with creamy havarti cheese to tickle your tastebuds.

Word of Mouth Bistro serves these vegetarian burger options; http://wordofsalem.com/wordofmouth_salem_lunch.html

The Amazing Maralago Turkey Burger
As seen on Oprah. “I believe it may be the best turkey burger in the entire world,” she says. We agree. Ground turkey
combined with chutney, apples, chipotle, lemon zest, celery and scallions on a wheat bun with lettuce, onion, tomato
and mayo.

Housemade Veggie Burger
We make our own Veggie Burgers! Diced Broccoli, julienne zucchini, quinoa, shredded carrots, artichoke, black beans,
Romano cheese, mushrooms and spices, topped with pepper-jack cheese and served on a wheat bun with green leaf lettuce, sliced red onion, pickles and tomato. Stone ground mustard sauce on the side.

Anonymous said...

Ate there opening week, and LOVED it. I do remember seeing a chicken burger on the menu, but didn't spend too much time on that side of the menu. I was there for a burger and wasn't disappointed. My husband and I got a Vegan's Nightmare (chili, bacon and cheese - WOW, that was good), and an Old MacDonald (egg, bacon, cheese, tomato, onion - Delish, but I wish I would have asked for the egg to be cooked well done, and got some bbq sauce for dipping). We both liked the bun. It holds up well for a saucy burger. The fries were good and the tater tots were pretty cool. And the bacon is crispy and there's lots of it. Can't wait to go back! I want to try the BBQ burger next (onion ring, bacon, cheese and Adam's Rib bbq sauce - I love bbq sauce!).

Anonymous said...

Ate there last night. I found the burgers to be tasty, but way over cooked for my taste. They said they only cook the burger to medium, but ours were defintely well. Unfortunately this left the burger kind of dry. The buns were great, a tad small for my taste. The onion ring portion seemed pretty small for $7. In fairness our order was a take out, so we'll give it another try and eat in. I definitely will be trying the tator tots.

Anonymous said...

By the way, your friend in your story is no vegetarian. Instead of wanting to sway vegetarians - which you won't, get cracking on the veggie burger. I challenge WBC to create one that rivals the one at Word of Mouth.

I wish you great success on your new business!

Anonymous said...

Ate there the week after it opened and loved it. The homemade TOTS are fantastic. Can't say we'll go that often due to cutting back on dining out, but will definitely recommend it and will go there again.

Willamette Burger Company said...

Thank you so much for all your comments and well wishes!

In reference to your to-go order being well done: we've had several complaints about doing to-go burgers medium. Because our beef is so fresh, it has a tendency to be really juicy, making the buns a soggy mess by the time they get eaten. Next time, make sure to tell your server you want medium and we'll make it happen!

And to all you vegetarians out there: please, be patient with us! That vegetarian patty is on our to-do list!

Anonymous said...

I just had lunch at WBC and it has to one of the worst restraunts Ive been to in a long time. A friend reccommended the restraunt and we thought it was going to be inexpensive homemade diner type hamburgers which it wasnt. The hamburgers were way overpriced. For my hambureger and fries it was about ten bucks not including the drink. The burger was dry, overcooked and the bun was awful. The bread was too dense, like they added way to much flour to the dough while making the buns. I found the waitress to be very rude as well. My sister in law has only been in the united states for a few years and still has trouble with her english. The waitress wasnt very patient with her. Also the french fries were soggy and cold. If anyone wants good food they should definitley try word of mouth bistro or willamatte valley grill for good hamburgers.This place was a joke. Probably wont stay open a year!

Sarah said...

Ok folks - we are back again, since we feel a little bit like we should be able to defend ourselves when people DON'T say anything when they are in to give us an opportunity to correct any problems.

First off - if you don't tell us there's a problem WE DON'T KNOW. The ONLY table in yesterday that we can attribute this comment to ate EVERYTHING - nothing was left. NOT A SCRAP. Yes, one of the guests was difficult to understand, and yes - we were full and it was loud. Circumstances being as they were - you were given plenty of opportunity to ask for your food to be corrected or to speak to an owner or manager. Since you did neither, and ate EVERY BITE there should be no reason for you to leave such a nasty post.

By the way, we agree - Word of Mouth is great. Try them out. But as far as our fries being soggy, our buns being "terrible" and the rest? I'm going to call foul - and let you know that next time you decide to post such nastiness we will just laugh and say, "oh - you!"

KandN said...

Sarah, My first thought (as I clicked that "publish" button) was to wonder if it was an ex-employee, but you're probably right. I have many acquaintances who tell me horrible restaurant tales and when I ask if they said anything during their visit, the answer 99% of the time is "no".

Anonymous said...

I recently ate at the WBC, it was delicious! They definitely give you your moneys worth. Sooo happy they added ranch as a dipping sauce option as well. However dipping the tots in the tasty chili was a great option too! Thank you for the great experience WBC team!

Sarah said...

KandN - I've had the same experience as well! I always encourage people to speak up when something isn't done right - how are we supposed to fix the problem if we don't know about it?

Anonymous said...

I think it should be a two-way street: partially it falls on the customer to speak up, but the waitstaff also should be instructed to routinely ask if everything is all right, burgers cooked to their specifications, etc.

Just my $00.02...

KandN said...

anonymous, I agree completely.
I can't remember the last time I wasn't asked how everything was several minutes after the entrees arrival. Recently, I was asked at an establishment where I ordered at the counter. (above and beyond)
I've witnessed these same acquaintances tell the server their food was good, only to tell the group later how horrible this or that was.

Sarah said...

Anonymous - I couldn't agree more. Here at WBC, we require that our servers check on EVERY table after they have had a bite or two, to ensure that if something is wrong, we still have the opportunity to make it right.