Sybil's Omelettes 2009

Has a popular restaurant in the same location for 28 years earned Salem, Oregon, icon status?  It should.  How often does that happen in the restaurant industry?  Like Salem Man, I've driven by Sybil's countless times without giving it a try--mainly due to the parking lot full of devoted regulars.  In my quest to eat at as many Salem places as possible before I die (okay, slight exaggeration), I suggested Sybil's to friend Shirley for our October breakfast outing.
My first impression upon walking through the front door, was how warm and homey the dining room appeared.  The greeting we received was much the same.  We were presented with menus listing all 110 varieties of omelets, broke down into different categories:  ham, spinach or zucchini, turkey, bacon, etc.  Shirley even spotted one with chicken livers, um, no thanks!  I nearly opted for a scramble, but decided it was only right to order an omelet if I was at Sybil's. 
Our meal arrived quickly.  The house made biscuits were eye catching on our well put together plates.  While my sausage, onion and spinach omelet was hot, fresh and tender, it was on the bland side as far as my palette was concerned. The hashbrowns were nice and crisp on the outside, but lacked some texture in the middle.  I enjoyed my fresh drop biscuit and against my better judgment wanted to slather it in butter and jam.

Now I can see what the draw is at Sybil's--one of those homey places that makes you feel like you belong and tends your needs while you dine with them.

Sybil's Omelettes Unlimited
2373 State Street Salem, OR
(503) 581-7724


The Roentgenatrix said...

Feh, I live across the street from Sybil's, and while their omelettes aren't the worst I've ever had, they're certainly not the best either, especially at the prices they charge for 'em. I was incredibly disappointed in their biscuits & gravy (my benchmark by which all subsequent breakfasts are judged) was served as an unappetizing semi-congealed bowl of sausage gravy that I had to dunk those immense cat-head biscuits in. We haven't been back since.

Salem Man said...

I like their sign.

Anonymous said...

IMO, Sybil's have the best hollandaise sauce in town. Disclaimer: I have yet to try WoM's, which I would expect to be better.

Rebekah said...

Just ate at Sybil's the other morning. It was okay. I had a sausage, green pepper, onion omelette with a muffin on the side. The omelette was really good, the muffin not bad at all. I was disappointed that when I asked for my hashbrowns crispy, they ended up tasting really strongly of oil from the grill. Not tasty at all. Otherwise, service was decent. I would go back, but not on a regular basis.

Anonymous said...

Sybils most valuable asset is a very large group of regular need to stop by and see why for yourself.

Chuck Bradley said...

In years past, I ate at Sybil’s on a fairly regular basis. Long absence may have made the differences we saw here today all the more glaring. With memories of friendly service, good and plentiful food and a warm atmosphere we returned this morning.

One of my several human failings is the tendency to let one unfortunate impression predispose me for another. Our Sybil’s outing may be a case in point.

We were promptly seated by our server who seemed preoccupied and indifferent. The impression that we were inconveniencing her was palpable. SWMBO ordered a Spinach, Onion and Sausage Omelette. In fairness, I believe an overstuffed quality Omelette is an oxymoron. You can have one or the other, but not both. A good Omelette should have Cheese alone with seasonings, or at most one other sparingly added ingredient. If it’s over 3/8” thick, it’s a scramble, not an Omelette, in my opinion. (I await the firestorm of contradictions! ;~D) Carol’s “Omelette” arrived with nicely browned Hash Browns and a huge free-formed Biscuit. (Gravy on the Biscuit was an option skinny person forewent.) I had an unremarkable Turkey (albeit real meat) Sandwich and a bowl of very good Potato Chowder. Our automaton server’s enthusiasm did not improve.

The restaurant is beginning to suffer from its age and is beginning to have a worn-around-the-edges feeling that begs a remodel in the near future. The fact that they were busy on late morning Monday suggests that they still have a loyal following. Perhaps if we’d been here once a month for the past 5 years, I wouldn’t have noticed the wear and tear. The food was acceptable, but the level of service we received did not leave a good taste in my mouth.