Sushi Kyo SE Commercial Now Open

The sushi train restaurant is now a chain(local). Sushi Kyo is open in the Big 5 shopping center on SE Commercial. This is big news to my family, they are big fans of the original store off Lancaster. This location will be much easier for us. More details coming soon.

Update 9:45pm
The owner tells me that Sushi Kyo in the Cherry City(Big 5) plaza will have double the number of booth seating as the restaurant on Rickey St. Not to mention better parking. They have already seen some of their regular customers show up at the new store as business has been good since they opened Oct. 25th. The owner is confident that this new location is going to be a success because they have an experienced staff.

That shopping center has seen a lot of business turnover in the last few years. It's good to see an established restaurant going in there to help bring that place back to life.


Anonymous said...

You will see familiar faces at the new location who've come over from Lancaster. We had our regular waitress, and Elvis asking us if we wanted our usual special order. SO great to have them on our side of town!

Anonymous said...

I haven't ever been to the Lancaster location but I am so excited..This is so close, I could walk... How awesome to have a sushi with in walking distance..

Chuck Bradley said...

This was a first for us. Neither my bride nor I had ever experienced anything quite like this. Sushi has never really pushed my button, but this was fun. For those of you who have never been here, you sit at a bar and a conveyor belt with small plates of various dishes passes by. The prices are color coded to that of the plate upon which each wonderful morsel rests. You simply reach out and take what looks good to you. In front of you is a menu which tells you what each exotic item is. We sampled their House Special Roll (a rice and seaweedy thing), Parchment Chicken, a Salem Roll (delicious and one of their most popular items we were told), Amaebi (?), Black Tobikko (seaweed wrapped rice topped with tiny seeds that looked like caviar), Unagi (eel), and finished by sharing a slab of cheesecake. This food will never replace steak and potatoes in my heart, but I do enjoy a gustatory adventure from time to time!

tracylee said...

Tobiko is the roe of flying fish - processed differently than caviar, but basically the same thing. It's my favorite item when ordering sushi. And it's the name of my 12-year-old Siamese cat!

Chuck Bradley said...


Thank you so much. How interesting! My vocabulary and pool of knowledge has much room for expansion. I'll get some mileage with my wife out of this tidbit. :-D

Thanks again,


Anonymous said...

We are regulars at both places, but lean toward the south store as it is easier to get to for us, depending upon our shopping for the day.

It was good to go in this afternoon and see the place so busy...almost completely full. Elvis greeted us as usual, while whipping around helping staff and taking orders. While Kyo is not the world's best sushi, it is quite tasty, and the price is phenomenal! Plus, you are welcomed to order many things not on the menu, or to order something freshly made for you despite it being on the conveyor. The seared eel roll is awesome.

Anyway, we really enjoy the "fun" of Sushi Kyo, both sites.