Prime Steak and Seafood

Is now closed. McNary Restaurant is now open in same location
By K@N
What an odd coincidence. Not only was I deferred at the Red Cross (low hemoglobin), but N was deferred, too (spider bite required antibiotic). To sooth our damaged egos, we hopped into the car to start our blood date a whole hour early. We drove north to Prime Steak and Seafood at McNary Golf Club.

Unlike our last visit, N and I were greeted and seated within seconds of walking in. The bar and patio were busy, but the dining room had only 2 other tables with diners. Of course, it was 5:30 PM on a Wednesday evening.  I was happy to see we had the same great waitress we had the last time we dined here.  She takes time to answer questions and is generous with her suggestions.

First we chose a Shiraz to enjoy with our dinner and then settled in to make a decision on our entrees.  Not easy, as there are many delicious descriptions on this menu.  Two that I struggled with before settling on my choice--a double cut pork chop (with a Jack Daniels and Marionberry reduction) and Osso Bucco (marinated in olive oil and rosemary).  When N shared that he was going to order the prime, center cut, top sirloin with garlic mashers, I decided to choose the potato crusted Halibut with a mustard cream and almond pilaf.

I loved the dinner rolls that arrived with our dinner salads (just a hint of rosemary and served with an herbed butter)!   Just minutes after we finished our salads, our beautiful dinners arrived.  N's top sirloin was temptingly thick and juicy.  When I put my fork into the halibut to pull off my first bite, it was obvious the fish was done to perfection.  It was moist and flaky.  The side of fresh carrots and green beans were also done just right AND tasted delicious.  The mustard cream was an excellent compliment to the potato crusted fish.  Although, I did go easy with the sauce so as to enjoy the mild flavor of the halibut.  N shared a bite (after much begging on my part) of his steak with me.  His steak was cooked exactly the way he ordered it, medium rare.  The flavors in this Painted Hills beef were more subtle than the steaks we buy and grill at home.  I'd describe the difference as a more rounded flavor.  The texture and juiciness of the steak made me want to divert N's attention from his plate and steal another forkful or five.  We took our time savoring each bite, while enjoying the music and the view outside the large, picture windows. 

I do have a few suggestions for the restaurant:  make sure the dining tables don't wobble and even though it was well kept, find a way to block the view into the hallway were the napkins and such are stored.  Other than that, we had an excellent meal with great service.  We'll definitely be back.

165 McNary Estates Drive North
Keizer, OR 97303
Phone: 503.393.4111


Salem Man said...

Do you guys always order different entrees? I always feel weird about ordering the same thing as my spouse. Great photos! Sunlight, especially low evening light, is much better for the food then the flash.

KandN said...

Usually we order different entrees, but if prime rib is available and there's ANY indication it's good, both of us will order it.
Thanks SM :>)
I'm sad that photos are going to get tougher as the daylight shortens. Flash is a poor substitute with my little camera.

smc said...

We have never been disappointed in our dining experiences at Prime. Always excellent food and service.

Anonymous said...

we went once for my partners college graduation. IT was 6;30 on a Saturday, my partner ordered prime rib, medium rare, it came like shoe leather. The waitress was great very apologetic but said they were all out of medium rare prime rib, by 6:30. The alternate meat that came out was almost rare, my guess was a rush to get it out to us. Maybe we will go back for a second try but it will be awhile