Old Europe Inn, Visited by the Vicarious Diner and friends

Here it is, the Twitter review of Salem's Old Europe Inn. This was created in real time while @vicariousdiner, @lavachickie, @VegansNightmare and his daughter dined at the SE Salem restaurant.
To see photos of the event click here, here, and here.
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vicariousdiner: Vic D here. Heading into South Salem to our mystery destination.
vicariousdiner: http://twitpic.com/k5yld -
eatsalem: @VicariousDiner on the way to the undisclosed location! follow at http://eatsalem.com
VegansNightmare: Vicarious D at Old Europe Inn http://post.ly/7D4f
jillyrh: @VicariousDiner http://twitpic.com/k5yld - LOVE THIS PLACE
vicariousdiner: We just walked in to the famous Old Eurpope Inn.
vicariousdiner: I hear a little Clair de lune and it smells delicious.
lavachickie: @vicariousdiner Fresh bread baking. It smells so good in here!!!
vicariousdiner: Im looking forward to trying it. Heard good things. RT @jillyrh LOVE THIS PLACE
VegansNightmare: @vicariousdiner special of beef medallions sounds.... *drool*
vicariousdiner: http://twitpic.com/k619z -
vicariousdiner: Whoa prices have gone up. We are thinking of family style.
vicariousdiner: Tip 1; research the restaurant and check for specials, coupons and familiarize yourself with menu.

vicariousdiner: http://twitpic.com/k61s6 -
vicariousdiner: Tip 2; no alcohol. If you like call ahead for corking fees and bring your own if under $15.
lavachickie: @vicariousdiner Can we skip the budget and just whip out the credit card?
vicariousdiner: so the budget is $20 per person...we'll see how we do!
lavachickie: @vicariousdiner All specials are near $30. that's outside of any definition of budget.
vicariousdiner: @eatsalem glad you are having fun!
eatsalem: @vicariousdiner $20 that's going to be tough! good luck!
vicariousdiner: Maybe going to 25...lol. I hit 20 with my romaine salad and spaghetti with mushrooms.vicariousdiner: A is getting the special beef stroganoff that comes with a salad and veggis.
vicariousdiner: Tip 3; A bread basket, a soup or salad make for a great appetizer or first course. Or forego salad and split an appetizer.
vicariousdiner: http://twitpic.com/k64eo -
lavachickie: @vicariousdiner free bread!!! Eat up!!! http://yfrog.com/0wlpvxj
vicariousdiner: The bread is here and its so warm. Vn says its quite awesome.
VegansNightmare: @vicariousdiner The bread is "num num" per the 4 yr old.
vicariousdiner: Vn got the spinach salad and cheese with truffles pasta.
VegansNightmare: @vicariousdiner Can my rumbling tummy keep away from the wallet?
vicariousdiner: http://twitpic.com/k654a -
eatsalem: @VegansNightmare spinach salad? bacon bits on it?
lavachickie: @vicariousdiner I should have gotten the spinach salad. I'll just have to steal it from vm.
vicariousdiner: Salads are here. Yum. That balsalmic vineagar is soooo good!
vicariousdiner: http://twitpic.com/k65g6 -
vicariousdiner: Tip 4; Small plates or pasta are good for budget entrees. If small plates are not listed ask your server.
vicariousdiner: @kandn yes yes it is but we are fairing well so far
VegansNightmare: @eatsalem Oh no! No meat! Quick! Get me some snails, stat!!
eatsalem: fine dining on a budget, @vicariousdiner tweeting live from old europe inn. follow along on http://eatsalem.com
vicariousdiner: Fresh herbs in the salad dressing i think. Mmmm...
eatsalem: @vicariousdiner are the owners giving you funny looks? do they know what you guys are up to?
vicariousdiner: @eatsalem no we told her we are foodies and doing a budget challange.
vicariousdiner: Lil vn says 'daddy more bread!'
lavachickie: @vicariousdiner More bread! Should we see how many refills we can get outta that?
KandN: @vicariousdiner No greater compliment!
KandN: @vicariousdiner How busy are they?
vicariousdiner: @lavachikie its so tempting to whip out the credit card but the food is so good regardless.
VegansNightmare: @vicariousdiner, @eatsalem for a meatless dish, salad was good....
vicariousdiner: Entrees coming up!
KandN: @vicariousdiner Oooo! I can't wait!
vicariousdiner: http://twitpic.com/k68jx -
vicariousdiner: http://twitpic.com/k68rj -
VegansNightmare: @vicariousdiner This is the best thing I've had all day. Totally tops Honey Bunches of Oats.
KandN: @vicariousdiner Can I have a bite? Or a bigger picture?
jillyrh: @VicariousDiner http://twitpic.com/k654a - This looks delish.
vicariousdiner: http://twitpic.com/k691b -
lavachickie: @vicariousdiner digging in. http://yfrog.com/0l76090946j
jillyrh: @VicariousDiner http://twitpic.com/k68jx - OMG, you are making me sooooo hungry!
KandN: @lavachickie Tender? Tasty? Vicarious stalkers want to know!
vicariousdiner: All the food is wonderful especially the sauces.
KandN: @vicariousdiner No salt overdosing, eh?
vicariousdiner: The food is dissapearing quickly.
KandN: @vicariousdiner Remember to chew!
VegansNightmare: @vicariousdiner No tweet. Must eat.
eatsalem: @vicariousdiner keep your hands away from @VegansNightmare 's plate
lavachickie: @vicariousdiner The guy next to us just found lint in his salad. Oops!
eatsalem: @lavachickie that looks good, what is that?
lavachickie: @vicariousdiner The sauce on this stroganoff is stupendous.
VegansNightmare: @vicariousdiner Meat for dessert?
vicariousdiner: http://twitpic.com/k6bls -
vicariousdiner: on $20 I got a good sized meal and am full!
KandN: @VegansNightmare Maybe some sugar cured bacon on a sweet roll?
lavachickie: @vicariousdiner I went overboard on the budget for a special. But it was worth it.
vicariousdiner: A says her sauce was a little salty but I didnt notice when I tasted it. I do love my salt.
KandN: @vicariousdiner I think the 4 of you should get a dessert and share or maybe 2
vicariousdiner: Vn's phone has been stolen by lil Vn. lol
KandN: @vicariousdiner Will lil vn twitter her dessert request?
vicariousdiner: We did such a good job staying on a budget we deserve desert. C'mon its hot chocolate strudel.
KandN: @vicariousdiner OMW! I can't wait to see that photo!
eatsalem: @vicariousdiner hooray!
vicariousdiner: We will share but I think we are getting 3.
KandN: @vicariousdiner Mmm! 3 Photos for us to drool over!
vicariousdiner: So I stayed at 27.50 and the others are a bit higher.
VegansNightmare: @KandN Little VN wanted the hot chocolate stroudel, I wanted cheesecake... We compromised: cheesecake.
lavachickie: @vicariousdiner There is no food on the table as we await dessert.
KandN: @VegansNightmare *Snork!* Now I see why she took your cell phone!
VegansNightmare: @vicariousdiner 17.50 + 7.50 + 7.50 = 32.50. I couldn't help the cheesecake.
vicariousdiner: All the deserts are made in house. so cool! Even the cheese cake.
eatsalem: @VegansNightmare are you still hungry?
lavachickie: @vicariousdiner the place is filling up! Hot Saturday night!
vicariousdiner: http://twitpic.com/k6f7k -
VegansNightmare: @vicariousdiner Lil' VN: yrhxbejdhzurnbrjduhduehehrbdd bbdndb
VegansNightmare: @vicariousdiner cont'd: ydhdfbdjdjrhrjrhrjrhrnhrrhhrjrj
KandN: @VegansNightmare Good thumb dexterity!
vicariousdiner: http://twitpic.com/k6ghq -
vicariousdiner: Lots of yummy noises. So good.
VegansNightmare: @vicariousdiner whipped cream went fast.
KandN: @vicariousdiner Mmmm! They look delicious!
VegansNightmare: @vicariousdiner Oh the stroudel. Oh. My.
vicariousdiner: A's dunkel is so yummy. The texture is sponge like so its a bit different.
VegansNightmare: @vicariousdiner Cheesecake is heavenly.
vicariousdiner: Vn's cheese cake is creamy and to die for.
lavachickie: @vicariousdiner heaven! http://yfrog.com/0iosbj
VegansNightmare: @vicariousdiner Happy to see little VN found something on the menu to love. 3 things actually.
vicariousdiner: The chocolate struddel is better thab I thought. So flakey warm and chocolately.
KandN: @lavachickie Great view! Quite the statement!
KandN: @VegansNightmare Is it princess movie time?
VegansNightmare: @KandN just about!
KandN: @VegansNightmare So sweet!
VegansNightmare: @vicariousdiner http://vegansnightmare.posterous.com.
lavachickie: @vicariousdiner People next to us complained about the rickety table. Ours too! Tile floor!
vicariousdiner: http://twitpic.com/k6ief -
KandN: @lavachickie Rickety tables definitely create a distraction from a nice atmosphere!
lavachickie: @vicariousdiner I am soooooo full.
vicariousdiner: And so the total is...under 100 for 3.5 people at one of the best restaurants in Salem.
VegansNightmare: @vicariousdiner math was off earlier, 32.70 for me and little VN.
vicariousdiner: http://twitpic.com/k6jr7 -
vicariousdiner: Leaving our mark on the table: a big EatSalem.com on the paper table cover.
KandN: @vicariousdiner Awesome!!
RachaelRossman: @vicariousdiner Some time you should try this place: http://bit.ly/LRfuW (expand). Not exactly Salem, but it's in the neighborhood.
eatsalem: @vicariousdiner wow! i think you guys have earned the title of cheap/frugal.
vicariousdiner: http://twitpic.com/k6kuk -
eatsalem: @lavachickie @VegansNightmare @vicariousdiner you guys are the best! that was lots of fun. thank you for sharing you meal with us.
lavachickie: @eatsalem did you just call me cheap?!
VegansNightmare: @vicariousdiner Looks like 30 bucks per person is what to expect at Old Europe Inn.
vicariousdiner: Thanks everyone who watched and read. This was a fun challenge. Time to sign out. Happy eating.
BillFarmer: @vicariousdiner Did you notice the time on the bill? Looks to be an hour off and it looks like a very fine dinner!
MelinaTomson: @lavachickie he did...I saw that tweet...no taking it back now @eatsalem.
KandN: @eatsalem @lavachickie @VegansNightmare @vicariousdiner I second that statement!
eatsalem: @lavachickie cheap/frugal in from me that is a compliment.
vicariousdiner: @VegansNightmare Unless you go for the meat...then $40 a person.
vicariousdiner: The wine was taunting me though. There were walls and walls of it.
vicariousdiner: @RachaelRossman Thanks for the idea. The place looks interesting. Great website too.
vicariousdiner: @vegansnightmare @lavachickie and lil VN: Thanks guys! This turned out pretty dang good with all our tweeting!


Ed said...

Sorry, but I find the format of this review completely unreadable and distracting. (It might be improved visually if all the hot links and bold were eliminated?) Just my opinion, but I'd rather read a cogent, considered review than an overly long Twitter conversation. (And I am a Twitter fan, BTW.)

Glad you all enjoyed your dining experience. IMO Old Europe is much over-rated. And it's a good thing you skipped the alcohol, because the wine list pricing here is astronomically high for even the most mediocre vintage.

There are better choices in Salem.

Chuck Bradley said...

Our good friends Bill and Marsha Hoskins took Carol and me to Old Europe Inn today for lunch. Carol had Capplini Baslico, Marsha had Formaggi Ravioli, Bill had White Pizza and I had Fettuccini Chicken Alfredo. Everyone was delighted with the presentation and the food. We finished with a Hot Chocolate Strudel and Raspberry Cheesecake. Our server was exceptionally helpful and pleasant. She did not know if this location would still be open after they open in the new Water Place building on Liberty ST SE across from city hall which is scheduled to occur in August or September. Good food, good service and good company. Hard to improve on that!

Chuck Bradley said...

What's up at Water Place? I drove into the parking lot yesterday to check on the progress of Orupa only to find an OLCC application notice for "The Gourmet Pasta Co."??????? Is the Orupa project on hold? Am I looking at the wrong space? Has there been a name change? Can anybody bring me up to speed?

KandN said...

Hi Chuck, If I remember correctly, that's the business name owned by owner/chef Hans'. Sorry, awkward sentence!

Anonymous said...


DeeDeeDiner said...

After a fine dinner at Orupa tonight, driving home we noticed a "Kav's Bar & Grill" sign up at the Old Europe Inn location. The times keep a'changin'

Chuck Bradley said...

DDD, I stopped by Kay's Bar & Grill and spoke with a fellow working there. They hope to be open for business Tuesday. (They've got some wood to chop to make it!) I'll try to get in next week, check it out and write a review.