Kettle Chips

Update 2/25/10 Kettle Foods has been purchased by Diamond Foods for $615 million. Read the press release.

One of Salem's big businesses is so huge, it's known all over the country. Kettle is considered to be the biggest natural potato chip brand in the United States. In conversations with friends and relatives from other states, it's hard not to mention Kettle Chips when describing Salem. Most people have had a bag of Kettle Chips as a side to a sandwich at sometime in their lives. They are located on Kettle Ct. SE just off State St.
They make a variety of chips including some that are baked. I think of them as a reduced guilt snack. The oil used in making the product is reused as biodiesel and the plant is powered with the help of solar panels and wind power. As far as nutritional values, a serving of the Krinkle Cut, Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper chips is comparable to the Lay's brand classic potato chip. A reduced fat option is the Baked, Lightly Salted. When ordering a bag of these fried potatoes, I recommend getting something to drink with it. They are pretty salty and after a few munches, your mouth will be demanding a wash down with a cool liquid. So, no matter where you find yourself in your travels, you can always support the local Salem economy by choosing a brand that employs our friends and neighbors here in Oregon's capitol city.


Lise M said...

Kettle chips is more than just a great local product...when I was away from Salem in various places in the country, just seeing the chips in grocery stores made me less homesick. Its probably due to a friend in elementary school having a parent who was a manager at Kettle Chips. I actually saw much more Kettle Chips in the midwest and east coast than I did Tillamook Cheese, which surprised me.

Susan said...

It's a great company to work for too. My husband was employed there for a few years and one of their hiring requirements was "a sense of humor." Isn't that great? Also, every week, all employees got to take home two bags of chips as part of their benefits. That's the part I liked!!

Salem Man said...

I originally came up with this post when I found and posted this commercial on youtube.

kettle chips video

I wasn't able to confirm whether or not this is the same Kettle Brand as the one here in Salem. Notice the bag is different. I think this may be an Australian chip maker. Susan, do you know if this is the same company?

Anonymous said...

Love those chips! Had to bring them to Hawaii from Oregon because they were so expensive there. Tried the caramel corn made by Kettle this December and it is absolutely the best.