Jonathan's New Location Under Construction

Jonathan's is now closed

One of Salem's downtown restaurants is coming back to life in a new location. Jonathan's is opening in mid November on High Street between the Elsinore Theater and La Capitale. I was given a sneak peak on Tuesday to see how progress is going on the seafood restaurant. There's lots of construction left to do, but it looks as though they are going to make it feel a lot like the old location, including bringing the old bar over. That bar is actually one piece and was moved in the early morning hours when traffic downtown was light. The restaurant will continue to be half bar and half dining room on the bottom floor with room for overflow and banquets up above. The booths have been reupholstered and will be in use soon along with some other objects that you will find familiar from the former location. The owner tells me that it will seat around 200 guests and employ 20-25 people. The bottom floor of that building is becoming a downtown food court with a variety of dining options nearby.
Here's the tentative menus for Jonathan's:
Late Night


KandN said...

Exciting news! Can't wait to see what this downtown food court is going to look like.

Anonymous said...

Wooh! Expensive!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I hope they step up the food quite a few notches from the last location if they're going to serve fish and chips for $17.99

Portable Storage said...

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Anonymous said...

Disappointed! We used to eat here on a regular basis at the old location and loved it. We went for the first time on Friday the 13th. We had a reservation and were sat at the table closest to the door. The matradee stood in the doorway with the door open freezing us out. After ordering the steak & lobster w/ salad I got the wrong salad dressing, then my (all fat) steak was rare after ordering medium. And to top it off they forgot to serve me the lobster!

Casey M . Lucas said...

I hope you give us another chance Anonymous. We did a little over 300 dinners that night and were still working through issues during our soft opening. I wish you would have let me know during your dining experience that you were unhappy, but that is my fault for not stopping by your table to make sure everything was up to par. I do apologize for your bad experience.

Anonymous said...

We went there in January. I was initially excited, but the experience was disappointing. I don't care if there's a small portion of seafood in the nachos, $14 is steep for what's basically chips! And it was LOUD, on a random Wednesday night when it was not packed.