Vicarious Diner Does Fine Dining On A Budget, Coming Soon!

Vicarious Diner is hitting a well known fine dining establishment in Salem. . .on a budget. readers know how much fun the Vicarious Diner segment is on this site. On Saturday October 3rd Vic D will be Tweeting live, yet again. A restaurant has been picked and will be revealed Saturday before the Vicarious Diner sits down for dinner. In case you haven't paricipated in this, one of a kind event, it's a live twitter feed from inside a Salem restaurant while the Vicarious Diner eats. You don't need a twitter account to follow along. Just go to on Saturday at 5p, refresh the page in your browser for updates. If you do have a twitter account follow @vicariousdiner and you'll be able to send messages to the Vicarious Diner. If that's confusing, just show up at at 5p and you'll figure it out.

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