Super Suppers Closing Soon

A sign of how competitive the grocery market is in Salem, the Super Supper store on Commercial St. is closing due to the sluggish economy. In an email sent to me from a reader, the owners explain the difficulties in making this decision.

Due to the declining economy both globally and here locally, we have decided to close your Salem South Super Suppers. This decision was not an easy one, and it took careful consideration, but we feel strongly that it would not be wise for us to continue operation given the bleak financial statistics we have been given for the future of Super Suppers. Our last day of operation will be October 30th ,2009.  We will continue our normal business hours until that date.  If you have purchased or received a gift certificate please note that they MUST be redeemed no later than Oct. 30th, 2009.  NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE POSSIBLE, AND THEY MUST BE USED FOR PRODUCT ONLY!!!  Please tell your friends and family that may have certificates about this date! We will continue to offer the posted menu and Grab N' Go entrees. We have enjoyed our experience here and the relationships made with our loyal customers and friends!  We thank you and will truly miss serving Salem and being your family's answer to "What's for Dinner?"


Teresa & Teddy Walters
I always thought this was a great idea but we only went there once. It's a major change in the way that food is purchased, a change that requires long term thinking about what will be served for dinner. Are any of the readers out there loyal customers to this place?


tracylee said...

When they first opened, I was a frequent customer. I also had a full-sized freezer then to store the food. The SJ even interviewed me for an article on the shop. Friends of mine in the Seattle area were going to Dream Dinners, which is the same kind of franchise.

Their entrees were designed to serve 6 meals, so I would split them into two containers for freezing. Each would make one dinner for the two of us, with some leftovers.

Since I moved and only have the freezer as part of the fridge, I haven't been back.

I know they changed owners about that time, but I still get their e-mails.

Anonymous said...

I never saw the point of a place like Super Suppers (though what point it had, seemed best suited for busy high income professional families, of which there are not a ton in Salem). So I guess I'm surprised the South Salem location lasted as long as it did.