New Spoons Coupon!

NW Spoons Bistro is now closed

Get a deal at Spoons in Salem! For a review by Vegan's Nightmare, Click Here! According to an email sent by the owner, "We have added dinner in the evening and have more of a bistro feel and want to convey that to any current and future customers." Sounds good to me. They also have a 2 for $22 special, which includes 2 entrees, 2 salads and 2 desserts off the features menu, available Wed thru Fri 5p to 9p.

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AMY said...

I have driven by this place SOOOOO many times and never stopped. This right here tips the scales and I'm giving it a go. I especially like the "2 for $22" thing. Entrees, salads and desserts for two for around 20 bucks is a good deal, and I like knowing things won't necessarily get out of control fiscally by going somewhere! It happens! ;-)