Mill Creek Station

KandN and Jonathon-
Driving by Mill Creek Station on Hawthorne (near State) you wouldn't think the location would be good for attracting a lunch crowd, but you would be wrong. Once Jonathon and I had placed our order and found a seat, the place had gone from 3 occupied tables to 9 (counting the tables outside). It had been awhile since I visited this eatery and because of it's daytime only hours I had it on my list of places to visit this summer.
We entered the cool interior and walked up to the counter. They've done a nice job of personalizing the space inside; from the sheer fabric draped over each window, the pictures on the wall and the flower baskets on each table. In one corner is a big soft chair and a couch to sit and enjoy your latte and newspaper. We asked where the menus were located and the young woman behind the counter showed us where to find them (by the vertical display case at the left side of the counter).

I chose the Chicken Pita with a side of black bean soup and Jonathon opted for the Club Croissant with potato salad. All of their whole sandwiches with a side cost $9.95. We both ordered a mocha to drink.
My black bean soup was thick and very flavorful. I could've eaten an entire bowl and probably should have. While my Chicken Pita was beautifully put together with fresh ingredients, after my third bite it was obvious this was too dry. I'm not sure how they might remedy this. Perhaps it would've been better served as an open faced sandwich? Thick pita bread can be very dry--especially when served alone.
Here's Jonathon~
They've done a nice job here overcoming their business park surroundings. It's cheery and bright inside, which was unexpected to be sure. You could tell that it's a popular lunch spot for all the poor souls without summers off :-) There was a pretty good line at the counter by the time we left.
My sandwich was a great combination of good ingredients, especially the bacon and turkey. The croissant was buttery and flaky, though I expected it to be a little bit bigger for the whole sandwich price (it was about 4" square). The standard club sandwich combination of bacon, turkey, and mayo with lettuce and tomato is good enough for me, though most places like to add their own little twists. I wasn't sure why avocado needed to be included, as it didn't seem to add much of anything overall. This one also added cheddar and Dijon, which were more welcome additions. I've eaten a lot of Clubs, and this one was definitely above average.
I was thinking that a place with so many salads and soups would make their own potato salad, but alas, it was the familiar neon yellow tub stuff (or a faithful reproduction). Pretty bland until I made good use of the salt, pepper, and tabasco at our table.
Oh, and the coffee was pretty good, especially since I am not a big fan of Allan Brothers in general.
-Located in the Park 5 Business Center on the SE corner of Hawthorne St. and State St 503-587-7031


Anonymous said...

Yum!! I LOVE Mill Creek Station! They have "THE" best Cashew Chicken Sandwich ever! Also very yummy soups and salads!

AMY said...

I had NO idea there was an eatery there. Thanks, EatSalem, KandN and Jonathan, for giving me a clue! =-)

KandN said...

LC, Be aware, they are a lunch only location. I've joined up with staff members to eat some great lunches on in-service days. They've also catered some amazing meals for group meetings I've been a part of. One of those times was the first I ever ate salmon for breakfast--delicious!!