5th Street Public Market Eugene

On occasion, I find myself sitting in an out of town restaurant and wonder if the same thing could be done in Salem. The 5th Street Public Market in Eugene is one of these spots where my imagination runs wild and then I realize that something like this, just sort of happens on it's own. The building that houses the 5th Street Public Market was originally used as a poultry business in the 1930's. It's a fairly large building complex tucked into the downtown cityscape with the rest of the neighborhood built around it. The most recent remodel was in 1992. The building includes small local restaurants, shops, craft booths and serves as a stage for local performers and artists. It's kind of like the Reed Opera House, throw in the Salem Public Market, add some more of the cool downtown restaurants, and a few more of the local boutique retailers. Parking at 5th Street is a little tight, but if you're in Eugene, you're probably riding your bike anyway.

At first glance, you might think that it was full of high end chain restaurants but the food court has unique local options like Casablanca Middle Eastern Cafe. This restaurant has been in business here since 1981. Lunch specials at Casablanca are around $7 with pocket sandwiches for $6. I've eaten here a couple of times and have never been disappointed.

When I found this video on Youtube the other day, that's not me by the way, I thought I would share it with the Salem crowd. The star of this video has a website called adventureswithben.com where they want you to "follow Ben around the world and Central Florida." During Ben's Travels in the Northwest, he climbed a tree in Eugene yesterday and took a drive to Skinner Butte park today. Maybe we can convince him to drive on up to Salem to visit our historic downtown. Where would you suggest they visit in Salem? I'm going to invite him to town on the comment section of today's post.


KandN said...

My 2 cents--a meal at La Perla Tapatia to enjoy the food and view and then a brew in the basement at Venti's.

Lise M said...

I would have said go to the Little Cannoli...but, alas, he cannot anymore. :'(

We have so many bookstores in town he should go into a few. Its like bookstore city here.

This is me kidding here...he could chain himself to something at the Capital Mall. ;)

Something of a legend here is Paddingtons Pizza/Wallery's/Pietro's. He'd have to go to the original Paddingtons where it all started.

Ben said...

Thank you for the suggestions everyone. The next time I'm in Oregon and the Portland area I will have to check them out. Had a great time in Eugene!