Waisting away again at the Burgerville


Nibblin' on pulled pork
Eatin' with no fork
All of these fingers covered with oil
Sharing an onion ring
Bacon makes us sing
Smelling burgers never gets old

Waisting away again at the Burgerville . .

Yeah, definitely time to stop! :>)

How did we end up at Burgerville this time? It was a combination of well placed radio advertising, too hot to cook in the house (in my opinion) and no propane for the barbecue. Sad, huh?

No, it's not Adam's Ribs pulled pork, but it was good. Their "delicately toasted cornmeal bun" was a nice touch, but the (seasonal) cherries with chipolte is a fast-food-strike-of-genius. Be warned: I can't recommend eating it in a car--in their dining area I went through about 6 napkins and yearned for a wet wipe or 3. Amazingly, my shirt survived unsauced.
Next time I'll have to give their Oregon Cherry & Walnut Salad a try. Sounds like another winning combination.


Anonymous said...

does anyone know why Salem lacks a burgerville? Sounds like something eatsalem should investigate, then somehow find a way to get us one.

- Jeremy

Anonymous said...

The Burger Basket is really good. Best burger in Salem (esp if you get the grilled onions).

Best Little Road House is pretty average overall, but their burgers are good and with all the fixin' a good deal.

Rockin Rogers is very hit or miss. I have had many more disappointing experiences than I have had good.

The Court Street Dairy Lunch is supposed to have good burgers.

Pete's Place makes a pretty good burger (and $1.50 pbr's to wash them down).

I am sure I will think of other locally owned restaurants.

I do like Burgerville, but if we support the local restaurants - - - more and better local restaurants will pop up. There are many McDonalds, Burger King's, Muchas Gracias, and Taco Bells around here (yeck!).

KandN said...

A year ago I contacted Burgerville about when we might get our own BV. Here's the response I received:

"There was once a Burgerville in Salem, many years ago, that was removed when I-5 was widened. We are very flattered by your request for Burgerville to return to Salem and I look forward to sharing it with our Real Estate and Development Team for their knowledge and consideration."

KandN said...

You're right, we do have (many more than you listed) a lot of good local places to grab a burger in town.
I'm so grateful to have found eatsalem.com and learn about all the local places N and I ignored for so many years. I hope more people can trade that attraction (we all seem to be born with) to continually return to the familiar and predictable for something unique, fresh and friendly.

Anonymous said...

Best burger? My choice goes to Josey's resturant on pine and broadway the Rileys or the ellies downhome burger with tots. Always satisfiying

KandN said...

Truth be known, (and I'm not speaking for K)I went to Burgerville for the pepper bacon on my burger and a fresh blackberry milkshake. Any thoughts on where in town you can get pepper bacon or a good blackberry shake?


KandN said...

Here's the reply I received from a Burgerville representative this past Saturday:

"Thank you for your e-mail.

Last summer Burgerville was looking at locations in both Corvallis and Keizer. Unfortunately neither of those locations worked out. Being a privately held company we have to be very strategic on where our next location is going to be. We have to think of the community, our guests, our food partners and our employees every time we consider a new location.

While getting back to Salem isn't completely out of the question, our development and growth for 2009/2010 remains focused in the greater Portland area. I'm sure this isn't what you wanted to hear, we know we have a lot of fans wanting a Salem Burgerville back! However, in the meantime we hope you can visit one of our 39 other locations."

Lise M said...

All I have to say to that letter is UGH!!!

Anonymous said...

BUT, if you do visit Burgerville in the near future, be sure to do the survey from your receipt. They will give you a free basket upgrade with the purchase of a sandwich. I've done it a couple times already and I get another survey request from the new receipt so I keep getting free upgrades. It's pretty sweet.

Anonymous said...

I love how many vegetarian options this fast food restaurant has.

Anonymous said...

There is a Burgerville in Monmouth so Portland isn't the only option!

Chuck Bradley said...

There's one in Albany as well. I've always considered Burgerville as near the top of the heap among fast food Burger places. Their Tillamook Cheeseburger with grilled Onions has long been a favorite.

Anonymous said...

Burger basket is really good. Willamette burger co. Adams rib. All good local burgers.

Burgerville is the only fast-food I'll eat, but honestly I don't rate them very highly. The burger seems like it's changed in the past five years.