Take-out dinner from Fitts.

Last Friday, I was hoping to find a quick bite for dinner on my way home from an errand. Driving down 12th St. in south Salem, I decided to stop at Fitts Seafood market.

Fitts offers clam chowder to-go on Fridays until 6 PM. They are usually sold out by mid-afternoon, so I was lucky to get some. I bought 3 pints at $4.00 each, with saltine crackers included. After all, what would clam chowder be without crackers?

I enjoyed the clam chowder in the comfort of my own home with two friends.

The chowder was delicious. Slightly chewy pieces of chopped clam were complimented by big chunks of potato and little bits of bacon. The texture of the soup was a bit grainy, but still satisfyingly creamy. The flavor was balanced and rich.

My only complaint: I'd like to see clam chowder available everyday! There may not be demand for it right now. But after tasting it for yourself, there may be soon.

Fitts Seafoods
1555 12th St. Salem, OR 97302


Doug Gabbard said...

Speaking of clam chowder . . .
I'm looking for a good "Manhattan" (tomato-based) clam chowder. McGrath's has a pretty good one (and call it something other than chowder, I believe). Are there others?
Thanks for the tip!

Salem Dinner Table said...

Doug I make the soup at Queen of Tarts Bakery & Cafe daily...well most of the time sometimes the Queen (the owner) makes it. Funny you should mention Manhattan chowder. I am from the east coast and every now and then I talk the owner into letting me make the east coast favorite Manhattan chowder. I just made it this past Friday, the 1st time in a long time. I froze the leftovers. I have a quart in the freezer if you'd like to come by and purchase it. I'm sure you'll like it. If you need directions call the cafe @ 503-589-4500 and ask for Roxie. Call a day ahead and I'll defrost it for ya'. You might want to try our clams casino soup sometime, something I invented based on the appetizer on the east coast by the same name. P.S. I make what I like to think is some of the best New England clam chowder in town. Real heavy cream, chopped clams and real butter for the roux of course.