New Jersey, Hoagies and Pizza

I just returned from a week r&r in Ocean City, New Jersey enjoying time with my wife's family. For almost an entire week I avoided the internet and television, not on purpose but more of a result that there was so much other activity going on. The Jersey shore has some great hoagie shops including one called Berantato's where we dined on subs no less than three times. When we walked up, we asked a gentleman eating out front if this place was any good. He replied that these were the best hoagies in New Jersey and he would buy our meal if we did not enjoy it. Eating at this Italian deli reminded me that Salem could use a place like this. It's just a small neighborhood grocery store with a deli counter serving high quality meats, cheese and breads. A hoagie is a sandwich made with a long, Italian loaf of bread, stuffed with your choice of meats and condiments and a splash of Italian dressing. Atop this munchable masterpiece is a ripe Jersey tomato unlike anything I've tasted on the west coast.

The pizza part of this post is a place on the Ocean City boardwalk called Mack and Manco where the specialty is just a plain cheese pizza by the slice or the whole pie. They have take out but I highly recommend that you dine in. The thin sliced pizza comes to the table piping hot, so wait a second before you insert it into your mouth. We are lucky in Salem to have a several places that are comparable in quality to real east coast pie.

Ocean City is a neat little town with great history including a shipwreck on it's shore that eventually sank into the sand after a few decades. The mettalic sailing vessel called the Sandia, owned by John D. Rockefeller was supposedly filled with treasures from Asia when it came ashore in 1901. The crew was saved but many of the items on board were never seen again including a rumored gold Buddha statue that must have been buried under the tide. Does anyone have a metal detector?

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